23 July 2006

Our weekend is coming to an end :(

So our weekend is winding up... which REAAALLLYYYYY sucks, as I have said here many times before, I wish I could spend all my time with my beautiful, sensuous wife. We had a low-key weekend all things considered. We did our usual fun with hitting the kareoke bar on Friday night, although we went alone, instead of with a big crowd. I bought Princess a new top, which I am sure you will be seeing in pics in the future. It is a tube top, black, and see thru when the light hits it... not like totally see thru, but in more of an opaque way, but you definately see her amazing tits through the top. It will make for hot pics, and even hotter times when we are out. She saved it for a night in the near future and hot the bar this past Friday night in a new white Famous Stars and Straps wife beater that I got for her. She was smoking hot in it and her boobs definately drew some double takes and stares from other patrons in the bar... both men and women. Saturday was a day we spent shopping and enjoying our time with each other... really nice and relaxing. Today, Sunday, we spent the late morning / early afternoon cleaning my Xterra up, inside and out, with Princess wearing a hot pair of short shorts, and only a black triangle bikini top... she looked so sexy, most men find a hot girl washing a car pretty erotic and this scene with her washing my SUV lived up to it and then some. I am making this entry as Princess is on the other side of our bar, making dinner. After dinner we are watching one of our new favorite shows,Entourage , and then she is in the mood to do some new pics that we will be able to post later in the week. The pic that opens the blog today is from our topless hike we took last week. Princess has just stripped the sports bra off and is ready to hit the trail. She looks so cute, but yet so erotic at the same time. It is another pic her personality really shines in. She is so fun, playful, and up for adventure it still amazes me on a daily basis. I threw a video of Marilyn Manson in the entry today. I don't particualrly care for him, but I have been re-reading "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star," by Jenna Jameson. In the book she recalls a story of how she slept with Marilyn Manson at one point. It amazes me that the biggest porn star on the planet, maybe ever, slept with this man. I can not see that hook up taking place no matter how hard I try to imagine, but apparently it did. I hope I am not the only one that can see how this is a HUGE mismatch. The last pic pretty much self explanatory. The most erotic aspect of this pic in my opinion, apart from the obvious, is the fact you can see her beautiful blue eyes peeking from over the top of her sunglasses. I hope each of you had a great weekend. PLEASE, if you have a pic request post it in a comment here, or you are more than welcome to email us the request and we will get to it A.S.A.P. If you haven't been with us from the beginning, keep in mind we will do ANY request you send to us as long as it does not involve feces. In addition to being erotic, sexy, and sensual, Princess is also very open minded and loves to explore her fantasies, and is open to suggestions. If you want to communicate directly with her then please visit the Bulletin Board for Princess fans and leave her a message or comment on a thread that is currently ongoing. We also post daily pics there for you to see, usually three or more, so you can get a little bit larger of a Princess34dd fix than just making a stop here at our blog. So hope your weekend winds up nicely and everyone's work week gets off to a good start, until tomorrow... LATE! SANDMAN1972

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