06 July 2006

Pic Requests For the Weekend

Well the weekend is almost upon us... THANK GOD! With me schedule of working nights I definately feel it at times more than others, and this week (even though it has been short due to the holiday) has seemed to last forever. Since the weekend is getting ready to start we are lining up pic requests for this weekend from a essage board we hit, Princess' new BB I set up for her, and of course here in case soeone uses only one of her sites as opposed to both of them. I have said before, we will consider doing ANY kind of pic, and just about the only thing off-limits to Princess is feces. Anything else she will consider doing, and more than likely do for your viewing pleasure. If you don't want to post a request under your "name" then do so as an anonymous request. With all that is out there on the internet, and we have seen a lot of it (and have our own kinks that we enjoy seeing) surely you guys have some requests to get the interest of everyone peaked. What could be hotter than a HOT, totally amatuer web girl pulling off a request that you personally sent to her. The BB I set up for Princess is kind of hit and miss at this point. She would ore than likely post there more if you guys can leave more threads there for her to answer and comment on. Also.. if any of you were referred here by someone other than me or Princess I would love to know that info. I just think the key to this is word of mouth. We are going to get some good pics this weekend, I think moslty focusing on outdoor pics. Princess is planning on "practicing" some topless hiking and that provides a good opportunity for soe nice pics. Hopefully we can find a nice place to lounger naked outdoors... I love the feeling of being naked and being that way outside would be even better. Hopefully you all have something fun and relaxing planned for the time off from work. We will be posting here and checking the BB often over the weekend so let us here from you. Enjoy today's blog pics, and don't forget I try to post others at the BB. You all take it easy.... LATE!... SANDAN1972


kavallir said...

looking forward to your w/end pics - kavallir

Anonymous said...

Last night I posted suggestions on the bb. Should I post them on the forum as well?


Anonymous said...

Steve.... if you see your request on the BB just leave me a message here telling me what name you posted under there so I can make sure we get them done for you ok?