05 July 2006

So today I am just checing in with you guys and wondering how everyone's 4th of July was. It seems life here at our blog is dying down a bit and if anyone is wanting to see or read about anything we are not doing, then please forward that info to us so we can make the necessary changes. We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so be sure to let us know if you want anything in particular added or taken away from the blog. Today is slow, and we are concentrating on finishing up the week. Hopefully this week the PO Box for the WW Micro thong will be in place (LOOKERAZ, please contact us) and you guys can start sending contributions in. One fan in particualr, who we are very grateful to, has even arranged for a digital camera to be sent to us, which means newer pics, more often and I think ALL of us will benefit from this. The opening pics today are a couple of ones that are loosely related. The first one I found is of a group of people at one of the Hedonism resorts. It kind of peaked my interest because it reminds me of one of our favorite places, Mon Chalet. We really enjoy the aspect of being there and the fact that they have a nude pool and hot tub area. We like how people are so free and open with their bodies there, and like I have said before how nice it is to see people openly masturbate or have sex. Although Mon Chalet is indoors, this pic reminds me of the any times we have made the journey there. With that in mind the above pic made me think of Princess and how she loves to be nude in that kind of environment. This shot of Princess is one I really enjoy. I think the pink top she has on is INCREDIBLE incredible on her. There is something so sexy about how you can see a hint of her beautiful boobs and gorgeous nipples. I have plans to buy this same top in black as soon a I can find it in a shop somewhere. I know she would look so sexy in this top,with nothing underneat except for a pair of pastease on her nipples. That reminds me, if you have not checked out Pastease website, take a couple minutes and do so (www.pastease.com). They have some HOT designs, a good photo gallery and they look amazing on girls who have the guts to wear them. Princess talks about finding a place (will most likely be a clothing optional hot spring we have close to Co. Springs) where she can wear a micro thong, a pair of Pastease, and tht is all, letting the others there take in her gorgeous body. Actually in that environment with everyone, for the most part, being naked, Princess will stand out as being even sexier with her "parts" covered up a bit. You guys will want to keep an eye on the blog. We are planning a trip to PT's in Denver in the near future. For those of you who don't know, PT's is a strip club with a twist. They have an amatuer stage, where maybe 10-15 girls can dance at one time, and a big dance floor. On both the stage and the dance floor, amatuer customers are allowed to be topless, actually strip to a G-string only if they like and keep any tips they get from other customers. Princess LOVES this and the trip report will definately be hot. If anyone is in, or close to Denver (or Co. Springs for that matter) and wants to know when we will be there, or when we will be out and Princess will be showing / teasing in public, then email us so we can let you know. I am going to close the blog entry today with some pics from you guys. The first is one of a foreign fan of Princess as he "enjoys" and "uses" a pic of Princess dressed as a school girl on top of our living room table. This particualr fan always has the icest things to say about Princess and, its obvious to us that he adores her appearance and how sexy she is. We love to see your guys using her pics like this. I have spoke before about how it ay be weird by "society standards" but I do get a certain level of arousal knowing others like to look at my GORGEOUS wife. The last pic is from another blog member, who kindly sent a pic of his wife. The two of them enjoy some public showing / flashing and hopefully in the near future Princess and I will have a chance to meet them and see if we can get some pics done with them. Of course you guys would see the good ones. We plan to give you all access to any pics we do, with the exception of the WW Microthing pics, or any other special deal like that we do. In that case, only contributors to the cause would have access to those pics. Enjoy and check back tomorrow. LATE!...SANDMAN1972


Anonymous said...

Hi Princess,

Nice pictures..I love the one with the pink top..your breasts are incredible

Any chance of posting pictures of you flashing in public like the mall or a bookstore


kavallir said...

it is great to see the fans pics too... keep it UP !!!!