16 July 2006

Sunday... our weekend is half over :(

The weekend is halfway over for us, since we have through Tuesday off. We are LOVING spending some relaxing time with just each other and having the opportunity to chill out and get away from the stress of our jobs. The weather here is totally holding up for us and we spent quite a bit of time yesterday and last night taking some great pics. We spent the day at a spot we hiked in to and did some great shots. With it being the weekend we were a bit nervous about someone with a child hiking up on to us without us noticing, but all went well. We got some GREAT night time shots at areas that were semi public, they should come out great. So we still have some weekend and some film left. I think the plan is to get out and get some other outdoor shots. We have talked about hiking into the same spot and doing more there, but late in the day, like towards dusk. Also, we wil have to see what kind of ideas we can come up with for some other pics during the daytime. We hope you all are having a good weekend, and are keeping up with us here. We would love you all to check in with a comment when you have time. As far as pics, the opening one is of me flashing outside in the parking lot at Best Buy, and we have got a lot of good comments through the BB on this one. Instead of any other pics, I posted a video of Jenna Jameson, since everyone who like porn likes her, for the most part. I thought it was a nice change from just pics as we usually post. Let me know what you think. .. KISSES PRINCESS34dd

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lilwetone said...

Sounds like your having on hell of a weekend, you lucky girl....

Jenna is my ultimate fav pornstar...yummy