11 July 2006

Tuesday SUCKS!

So today is just the middle of the week, and I am wishing I didn't have to work tonight. I have through Thursday night to work and then Princess and I have an extra long weekend planned. It couldn't come a day too soon, we both need the break from work and the people we work around. Sometimes I think it is funny, in the fact that there is absolutely NOBODY who knows anything about the blog, the Bulletin Board, or by no means that Princess has developed a little following here on the web. They don't know what they are missing... LOL. The little break from work will be a good one. Anytime we have extended periods to just concentrate on each other it really makes me realize how lucky I am to have married such a beautiful and sexy, caring woman. The fact that you guys can see her sexiness is even better I think. We will most likely be doing some of the awaited pic requests this weekend, but I have not looked at the weather yet to see what day. I do know the new place we have found for outdoor pics will be a hot location for some pics. The only thing missing is a stream or lake for her to lay beside. I don't think the lack of water there will detract from the beauty of her in the outdoors one bit though. She has such an amazing figure and I am sure we can find some nice backgrounds to put her against. I hope you guys are having a good week so far, after tonight mine is half over... you have to love a 4 day work week. LATE!... SANDMAN 1972

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