10 July 2006

We had to use alternate plans for weekend.

So the weather this weekend was HORRIBLE, as far as being conducive to taking some good pics outdoors. We had to use a "back-up" plan that Princess quickly threw together of going out and doing a little public flashing. I have to give it to her, she comes up with some very exciting, arousing, enticing ideas even in a moment's notice. We ended up with some GREAT pics that you will be seeing here over the next few days. While I am sorry we didn't get to all the requests we had for pics, these are some very hot ones that Princess and I both think turned out good. In addition to the public pics, we have some HOT pics of her playing in the shower, doing a little topless yoga, and more of her in the HOT pink fishnet top that so many of you contacted us saying how good you thought she looked in it. We will definitely still do all the requests we received, but will just have to wait until the weather clears, which looks like it will starting today.

With all that in mind, we have been in contact with LOOKERAZ and he is putting things in place for the PO Box so you may send your contributions in for the Wicked Weasel Micro thong, and Princess will be ready to pose for a few sets of pics in the suit. I am sure nobody will be disappointed with those. Today the blog opened up with a pic that was done over the weekend of Princess having her amazing breasts out, flashing in the the car. I threw another pic of her holding her tits together here for everyone. The pic is a few weeks old, but captured her playful personality in a way, with her little smile and all. There will be many more pics over the next few weeks, and we will do the requests we have, and any others you guys send to us, so don't think we got lazy with the pics just because the weather kind of crashed our plans for this past weekend.

To close the blog today I am throwing another pic in from one of the "fans" of the blog and of Princess. The pic is obviously form a couple, and I have to commend them for their extraordinary use of the outdoors. It is a phenomenal setting, one I wish Princess and I knew where it was exactly so we could make the exact same use of it. If anyone has a pic they would like to show Princess and myself, or especially one we could use for the blog, please email us directly at springscouple2031@yahoo.com so we can discuss it further. Keep in mind we would NEVER publish a pic here without the owner's permission, so please don't let that deter you. Pics of cpls having sex, singles masturbating (especially ones showing Princess' pics being "used"), or of plain old nudity indoors or outdoors would be fine with us. Basically if you are not offended or embarrassed sending it we are not offended to see it. So until tomorrow... LATE!.....SANDMAN1972

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