19 July 2006

Wed Blues.... Back to work for us!

Well the weekend is over and we are having to get back to our normal routine, albeit I only have to work two nights this week, so at least I am easing back into it. Things here are just cruisin' along, and we are loving the emails we receive from those of you who chose to contact us that way. Princess has enjoyed the extra couple of days we had off and we did take the time to do quite a few new pics for you all to enjoy. Once I get them resized and all, they will begin showing up here (slowly) and over at the Bulletin Board on Friday (hopefully), or Saturday at the latest. I have not actually seen the pics yet, but I am willing to bet they will be as hot of pics as you have got used to in the past from my beautiful wife. We got a lot of outdoor pics, and one or two pics in public. I think we got a good response from the public pics we did a couple of weeks ago, probably as good of a response as we did from any of the "action" pics we have ever posted. Maybe in the future we will attempt to do more pics of her in a public setting, or maybe of her flashing with a willing stranger. Who knows what we can come up with for the next set. She is alwys willing and more than ready to attempt anything I can come up with. I started the entry today off with a pic of Princess in (what is left) of her school girl outfit. She pulls this look off so well, retains that innocence, but yet there is that sensual / erotic side to her. As hot as she looks in that pic, it doesn't compare to how hot she is in person. If you guys are willing to get involved in the Wicked Weasel Micro thong Bikini that others have donated for (donations as little as $5 are even appreciated) then you need to contact us via email. We are about to close the door on the contributions and order her suit. We have had some great "fans" donate nice contributions and those of you who are the top two (you know who you are) start thinking of the 5 personal pics you want her to do for you...
Lifeguard - video powered by Metacafe I am closing the blog today with a short video clip of a girl giving a little titty show... I would say it is safe to say if you are visiting here than you love to see a girl show... so I am trying to accomodate. Enjoy. Until tomorrow.... LATE!... SANDMAN 1972

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Anonymous said...

hey still loving your style... loving your body.... hmmmm your princess in that school girl outfit is incredible... keep it up