24 July 2006

The week is off and running...... OUCH!

Well I am getting ready to start my work week... and I can't even begin to tell you how I DO NOT want to go this week. I think the only thing to get me through the week is the fact that once I finish my shift on Friday morning I have the following 10 days off for vacation. I guess that is another perk of working a 4-day work week. The thought of having 10 days to soak up Princess and all her sexiness is fuel enough to get me through the work week I am starting tonight. She is also very excited about the upcoming time I took off work. It's nice to have been together 3.5 years and still be so in love it feels like we are in the beginning stages of our relationship still. I can not envision the "newness" ever wearing off of this marriage. I am sure there are not too many other married couples who can say they are as lucky as the two of us. How could I NOT be so in love with such a beautiful, sexy woman? I am trying to come up with some plans for fun things for us to do over my vacation. Unfortunately Princess still has to work that week,but just the chance to spend the evenings with her (instead of putting up with sleep deprived assholes) is reason enough to be excited to be off for a week and a half. I am sure taking pics will be in there, and any other sexy times we can plan will be on the list of things to do. Maybe that will be a good time for us to head to the hot spring or Dream Canyon for some nakedness outdoors. JENNA JAMESON : VH1 Confessions (Part 1) The story of the biggest porn star in america... maybe the world. We both hope you enjoy the pics today. The opening pic if probably one of the HOTTEST pictures we have done of Princess yet. It really shows her beautiful curves and her fun personality. I threw a video of Jenna in the middle. It is worth the 5 minutes to watch it. It is part 1 in the series and I may be putting subsequent parts every few days. The closing pic is one we did last night while Princess was working her schoolgirl outfit yet again. We hope you enjoy the pics, the entry and just visiting our blog in general. If any of Princess' "fans" would like to email us pics of them "using" her pics we would love the chance to see them, and we never post without your permission, so no worries there. Well I am out of here... I will be back tomorrow... Until then, LATE!.... SANDMAN1972

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