27 July 2006

The week is over for me

So I have 10 hours of work to complete and then I am off for 10 straight days. It has been 8 months since I have been on a long vacation like that and I am looking forward to it. The absolute best part is that I will have each of those days to spend time with my incredibly gorgeous wife. I am disappointed she is unable to get away from her job for a vacation with me, but just the fact I am home and not dealing with the stresses of my job is like a vacation for us. She is constantly telling me, "we don't have to go anywhere, I am just happy to be able to spend time with you." I am lucky and seriously have found the best woman I could have hoped for. I know of people who have a significant other that demands to be taken on trips for a vacation, or at the least expects it. That mentality I do not understand. It will be good to live like normal people do as far as having normal hours. I swear living with night as my "daytime" has me feeling like a vampire sometimes. It's nice to be home in the evening, be able to walk as the daytime temps cool off, and be able to hit the gym without feeling like I am half dead before I get there. It is nice to be able to have dinner with Princess like most couples have the chance to each night. If you take for granted the evening time you have to spend with your family or significant other rethink that. Princess and I would give ANYTHING to be able to have the opportunity to do just that, spend our time together, each and every evening. I love her more than anything in the world... and despise that my work hours make her sacrifice time with me. If you guys havent been over to the Bulletin Board for "fans" of Princess34dd then you should take a look. Someone started a thread of 25 questions... someone leaves a question (any question) and then Princess answers it. After she answers it, someone will leave another question. She really likes this thread and loves to answer questions. So if you haven't been there, take a look. It's definately worth the time.. and there are other pics of her there. We have got some requests there for a series of pics shwoing one of her INCREDIBLE blow jobs, beiginning to end. We are making plans to get that done and you guys are welcome to request anything over there. So I hope you guys are getting along ok, take it easy, and tell yourselves, Friday is in sight. By the way, the pic today is a cool one we did last weekend.. I think she could pull off a series of sultry pics... ones with sexy / sultry looks instead of her infectuous smile and it would be just as sexy as her smiling pics... what do you guys think? The video is just one I ran across... cool song. I'll be back tomorrow.. LATE! ...SANDMAN1972

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