20 July 2006

Wrapping the week up....:)

Well the work week for me is wrapping up... thankfully it was short and sweet. With such a hot wife at home, it is hard to justify going to work most of the time. With the weekend coming up, we are surely going to make some plans to get into whatever sexy fun we can find. I did have time to pick up a new set of pics today and you will see those slowly appear here, and even some other ones exclusivel at the Bulletin Board at times. I was pleased with how these came out. Princess looks amaingly hot in the outdoors showing off her sexy body. This weekend we will surely find time to start work on a new set of pics, so that will be fun and maybe even by the end of the weekend I wil have another group of pics ready to be posted. The comments have slowed here on the blog quite a bit, so if you visit here we would love to hear your thought on our little spot in the cyber world here... we also want to know what other additions or what things you would like ot see taken form the blog. Don't be shy... we read each and every remark left here. If posting here is too much of a pain, please feel free to start a thread at the Bulletin Board, it is super user friendly and easy to remain anonymous. Public Tits Exposure - video powered by Metacafe The video today is a clip form a guy who approaches women in public and starts by having them flash, and moves things along until he fucks them in public. I have no idea where all this takes place, or who this cat is, but he has to be one of the ballsiest guys I have ever seen. I am sure he is making some loot off this deal in some way... all I can say it takes guts to walk up and ask a chick to show you her goods... much less on video. Until tomorrow.... LATE!...Sandman1972


Anonymous said...

Wow is all I can say!

That is one of the hottest pictures of Princess that I have seen. I love the way she just lays out on the rock so casually.

I love the look on your face Princess and I love those boobs just hanging out there and love your nice bush..wow

thanks a lot for giving us that shot


Anonymous said...

hey man, its EZ, you know ive been following you since day one on Lit but that last pic you posted is by far the hottest i had to stop what i was doing to get off, also that vid is hot you guys should take some vids