24 August 2006

Weather shut us out last weekend

So our big plans to go up and spend the day at the Boulder Reservoir this past weekend were ruined due to a fact the weather was horrible for the most of the day. I woke up at about 7:30am and the skies were dark, cloudy, and drizzle was falling. I headed downstairs and logged onto the notebook, checked a couple of weather sites and sure enough, the forecast called for couldy, cool, and scattered showers. DAMN! It didn't look like heading all the way up to Bolder was worth the drive. This was pretty disappointing because I absolutely LOVE to see Princess totally nude and outdoors or in some kind of environment that has been taught to be "wrong" in some sense. I love to skinny dip with her and feelher nakedness against me. She is the most attractive, arousing woman a person could be with. I also LOVE to have her by my side and watch other men (and even women at times) look at her gorgeous body. This is even more sxciting when we are in environments where nudity is permitted and I am able to see others look at how hot her breasts and ass are as she walks around, sits and relaxes, or does anyting in their presence while she is naked. Most people are in awe of how incredible her boobs are. Some who have seen pics even ask if we are truthful in saying they are real. The are 100% Princess, although i can see the skeptisism we encounter. It is not everyday you see a girl who has natural 34 double D breasts, much less ones that are so incredibly firm. She has breasts that women would pay large amounts of money to a plastic surgeon to have. I was really looking forward to her being able to be nude at the Reservoir and the reactions that other men would have, especially to see if they would get hard or even stroke themselves as they watch her. There is something I definately get out of others looking at her, and I am luy in the fact she loves to show and tease a bit if she thinks it arouses the others looking. What was kind of wierd is the fact that the guy we met who was supposed to meet us at the Reservoir cancelled our meeting the night before. He said he had some last minute stuff come up and had to stay home to help remodel a kitchen. Remodel a kitchn or hang out with a hot girl on a nude beach for the day? Does that seem like a hard decision to make? We find more people who "flake out" on us on the internet. I just don't understand people. Nice Flash - video powered by Metacafe We do have some plans this weekend for some fun. We will be heading up towards the Denver area and meeting a new friend we met online. He has agreed to meet us at a golf store and purchase Princess a new glf outfit. Once we are done there we are heading out for 9 holes of golf, and while onthe course Princess will be doing a bit of teasing/flashing and making it an interesting round of 9 holes to say the least. Ou friend previously asked to take some pics but we decided the best thing to do was for us to take and retain the pics. I will undoubtedly be posting some of those pics for you all to view here and may even see if we can make arrangements to make a contribution to The Voyeur Web site and see what kind of feedback we get. If any of you all have any thoughts, comments, etc we would love to hear from you here. Just post a comment at the end of the post here and we will get back to you if you like. We also have an email link at the right of the page. Hope you all are doing well, I am outta here to surf the internet for a dirtbike to buy. Until tomorrow.... or maybe the day after..... LATE!... Sandman1972

16 August 2006

We are looking forward to the weekend.

So the weekend is approaching and we can not wait. With Princess' new job she now has a 4 day work week, so we both only work Monday through Friday, and that means our week is half way over. We are both very excited because this means we get to spend even more time together. We have a softball game Friday night and that will take up that evening. Saturday I think we will just chill out and kick around here, maybe do some new pics if we can think of a nice outdoors place to do some... funny huh? We live in an incredibly beautiful place - Colorado - and yet I still talk about finding a good outdoors place to do some pics. I guess we take our scenery for granted in a way... we need to make an effort not to. The plan is to get up early Sunday morning, load up a picnic lunch and some camp chairs, towels and sunscreen and make the drive up to the Boulder Reservoir for a day of nude sunbathing and skinny dipping. We have totally enjoyed our trips to Mon Chalet and the chance to spend the evenings there naked and having the freedom to be open sexually, but this will hopefully be a whole new experience that is just as fun for us. We both enjoy being naked, and the chance to not have clothes on while outside is right up our alley as far as being a relaxing day. From what we understand there is a portion of the swim area that is for people who want to wear bathing suits and then if you travel on there is a portion for people who would rather go nude. It shouldmake for a day of good fun and some great stories, which we of course will relate here for you all to read. We have touched base with the guy we met from a craigslist.com personal ad that seemed to fit into that we are looking for. For the record, we are NOT swingers, which means Princess does NOT have intercourse with other men. I know the fact I stated we are not swingers would seem like it is cut and dry about her sleeping with other men, but you would not believe the responses to our ads we receive and the guys just DO NOT understand that. The guy who we met with is in our age group, non pushy, and into outdoor nudity like we are. We have never been to the Boulder Reservoir, but it seems like it will be fun, and the guy we met from the personal ad is supposed to meet us there at some point. Princess loves to know that her personality and her body is arousing to people we have decided we would like to hang out with. We have talked and I think it would be erotic if the three of us just chiled out enjoying the sun and water, and if I and our new friend could make sure Princess has enough sunscreen on her beautiful fare skin throughout the day. I am sure we both would love to make sure her beautiful, big breasts have enough sunscreen on them from time to time, and Princess loves to have her nipples stimulated. I think this would also be good in the fact by rubbing her incredible body it will ensure that the both of us will be, at the least, half-hard while laying out with her. If this new friend of ours is as laid back and as easy going as he has come across so far then maybe she wont mind if we let our cocks get to full hard as we lay out with her and enjoy the feeling of the sun on our hard penis' as we watch her sun her incredible figure. It would be nice if Princess was relaxed and comfortable enough, as well as if I were to be, that she would have an interest in rubbing sunscreen on me and our friend if he is non pushy as he hangs out with us and we socialize. A little rubbing in of the sunscreen would be nice. I can say that I haven't actually been this excited about one of our escapades in quite awhile. I would love if by the end of our day there Princess is so aroused from being naked outdoors and seeing cocks (and maybe even some other boobs) that she nonchalantly plays with her clit or sits up and discreetly fingers her pussy for a bit. Hopefully by the end of the day she will be so hot from allthe fun and nakedness she will be telling me and our friend how bad she wants to watch us squirt our cum onto our blanket. We have all this fun to look forward to and then NEXT weekend we have a tee time for 9 holes on the golf course where the gentleman paying for it has agreed to buy Princess a revealing outfit for her to play in and even show he and I even more skin as we are out on the course, and who knows... with something as hot as her showing her tits and/or ass and/or pussy on a golf course... I imagine I will have to pull some kind of trick to be able to jack off and relieve myself as I watch her and how hot she is. I will do my best to get whatever pics I can of both of these events, I assume you guys would want to see them right?... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

13 August 2006

The Weekend is OVER..... here we go again with 4days of work!!!!

So the weekend is winding up and it has been very relaxing. We actually spent some time on focusing on "us" this weekend and it was great. We have made some plans to head up to the Boulder area and spend a day at the reservoir there. The reservoir caught our attention because of the fact they have an area that has grown to be a nude beach/area. It turns out that being topless/nude in Colorado is not illegal as long as you are not performing an obscene act. What a better way to spend a day than laying out and doing a little swimming, all the while being nude. I guess this coming Sunday we will head up that way to enjoy the day around the water and in the buff. I will be sure to write a detailed account of how the trip goes next Monday here in the Blog.

It turns out we may be meeting a guy, at the reservoir, who we met through a personal ad on criagslist.com. We placed an ad looking for someone who was into mainly watching us play as he masturbated. We got some ridiculous replies, and a few that were decent. We met this new guy face to face and he seemed to click with us, and above all else, he appeared to be "normal." He found out we were planning on going to the reservoir, and talked as if he may be interested in meeting us there for a day of us all laying out naked and enjoying each others' company. Although it is a public area, our new friend has let us know that it is very possible for people to have a little fun and even play a bit as long as you are careful and discreet. He has emailed us and us him and we have discussed while laying out, if he feels the urge (or Princess or myself does) how we are all comfortable with us masturbating while with one another. I am sure as much as she likes her breasts touched, we will both have the opportunity to apply sme sunscreen to her tits as she lays out. It will definately be a fun time and I will relay all the details here for you all. We have been so busy with life in general that pic taking has got pushed down on the priority list as of late. We will most likely have time for some new pics, and if you have any requests then post them on Princess' Bulletin Board, and she can make a list of them. I am thinking that the trip to Boulder Reservoir may be a great time to make an effort to take some hot pics of Princess as we are laying out naked, and maybe get some pics of her playing with my cock and maybe touching our new friend's. I will definately be sure to keep everyone updated as far as our plans and what all goes down next weekend. We have also met someone from the VoyeurWeb Bulletin Board who is an avid golfer and is interested in playing a 9 hole round with Princess and myself, with a little twist. He has offered to buy Princess a new golf outfit and pay for an afternoon on the golf course, where she is going to put on a show by flashing and being playful. We think it sounds fun and look forward to meeting him and enjoying our time on the course. It has been set up for a week from Sunday, so that will be an entry, along with some pics from the course, to look forward to on Monday the 28th. We basically have got busy with meeting some new people and expanding some of the adult fun we like to have. I guess the good thing for someone who likes to read our blog is that there will be a fw weeks of great posts and fun stories. Hopefully, you all will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy relaying our escapades out and about. So I will think about some scenarios that may be possible at the nude beach... if you guys have any then please post them so we can start to think about living them out for all your reading enjoyment. Until tomorrow.... LATE!....


10 August 2006

A much needed Blog post

Well it has been a few days and so I woke up today and decided it was time for a much need blog post. I hope that this finds everyone doing well and life is treating you all good. As for the two of us things are great. Princess is starting a new job as of this coming Monday, so anyone who has ties should leave a comment with their congrats. She is super excited and I know she definitely deserves it. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best with her attempt to start a career instead of working a "job." She is a hard worker, with tons of dedication... I hope things work out for her... not only because it affects me financially, but because I love to see her succeed with her endeavors. She is a good person (besides the fact she is so incredibly sexy) and has paid her dues... she is owed some good luck in the employment realm of life now. So like I say, if you have some time, leave a comment here showing her some love and wishing her the best... anyone likes to hear encouragement when starting a new job and likes to know others are pulling for them. We have been busy, and trying to fit time for relaxing and fun in when we can. I survived a nice 10 day vacation and loved being away from the hell hole I call a job. I actually love my job, I just hate the others I work with. And true to form, after 10 days of being away and having no stress from my job, I walked in the door Monday night to immediately start dealing with others who put more effort into acting like a shit-stick than should be humanly possible. We were able to take a coupe of pics for the blog and I have posted a couple of those here in the opening of today's post. The first is just a hot one of pic topless on our bed. I know some of you are going to say, "yeah but she is covering her nipples." Still I don't care how you look at it, she looks hot laying there looking up at me like that. The second pic is one of her being playful an pulling a tube top down on our porch. There is just something about a girl, especially my HOT ASS wife, having her tits exposed when outdoors. On a different note, from my "lead celebrity reporter" Princess, in the "entertainment department" of the blog, you have probably heard Jenna Jameson and her husband Jay Sterling (Grdia) have announced they are "on a break" and Jenna's camp is confirming she is "with Dave Navarro. Princess is quick to point out that while most say Jay is certainly drinking himself into oblivion, in the big picture he is a better looking man than Jenna is a woman and he will come out just fine on this deal. If by chance you have no idea who these people are, a previous post had the first part of the following video embedded in it and is worth a look. Jenna is the biggest porn star in the world, and her husband was her partner in her ClubJenna empire. They actually appeared to have a loving, normal relationship, as much as a couple could who make a living in the adult entertainment industry, and this was a shock to anyone who knew of them. If you have time read Jenna's book "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale." It is a great read and well worth the time. I think that their recent situation and "break" from their relationship shows us all that these couples/people who open up their lives for the public, and that even includes me and Princess to a point, are real couples... and have real relationship issues like anyone else. I said something the other day about how we were planning on getting some new tattoos. We did a bit of thinking, and while both of us feel the same in the regard that inking someone's name on your skin would be the kiss of death for a relationship. We did came up with a great idea (at least we think so) to pick out a design that had the same theme, and that way we would stay away from the whole "matching tattoos" concept also. We decided on stars as a theme, and since I have got tons of comments and emails complimenting Princess' lower back piece I thought I would post a pic of her new one. Its a trail of stars on top of her left foot and it looks really cute on her small foot. She plans on having the mirror image done on the other foot in a few weeks. I decided on a nautical star on my left shoulder that is my favorite colors (orange and black), and if anyone is interested I can post a pic of it in a couple of days. So that is what we are up to. So you know I have a few new pics and they will be appearing here and on Princess' BB soon. Also there is a thread over on her BB where she answers 25 questions. Someone asks a question, she answers it, and then the first person to post the next question she then answers that one and so on. Look for it on the BB, it will give you a glimpse inside her heart and mind. So... until tomorrow.... LATE!....SANDMAN1972

02 August 2006


Well I have been away form making posts for a few days. I am on vacation now and it started of pretty shitty in the fact that I had a pretty major asthma attack and was kind of off my feet the past few days. If any of you have been hitting the blog looking for pics of Princess and such, I apologize... we have been trying to post some pics to the Bulletin Board as we have had time, but with me being close to 100% now, things will become more regular once more. So with my vacation here we have been trying to make some plans that we can unwind and enjoy our time together. It is nice being home and having hours together like normal people and I love every extra moment we have been able to spend together. Princess really shows her love for me everytime I get laid up in the ER with an asthma attack and it makes me feel so lucky to be able to spend time with someone I love so much and loves me in just the same way. Hopefully now that I am back on my feet we can look ahead to the weekend and start thinking about some fun times and things to do. I know we are making a trip to one of our local tattoo shops for some new ink. Princes has decided on a design of "shooting stars" to be placed on the top of one of her feet. Those of you who have seen our pics already know she has a SUPER HOT tribal design with a heart in the center of it on her lower back, and I am sure this new design she ha chosen will be just as hot on one of her sexy, cute, little feet. As for me, I am going to go with a nautical star on each of my shoulders... something I have been thinking about for awhile. As for more ink for Princess, who knows after this one, she may be hooked. I know I have two or three more designs to get done, and then we will see. I also go back and forth on some kind of piercing other than my ears, which are already done, but who knows. After the ink session, we are kind of undecided as to what we should do. I am thinking we will do some new pics for the blog and BB throughout the weekend. I think that Saturday night may be a good time to go out, just us two and do an evening of shooting a few games of pool and having a couple of beers. I recently bought Princess a new tube top, which is black and thin (see-thru actually) and I think that may be a nice top to see her out in. Whatever the case I am dying to get a few pics of her in it. Erica Campbell - video powered by Metacafe I chose two pics for the blog today that I think Princess looks especially HOT in. I absolutely love how incredibly sexy my wife is and I love that not only she likes others to see how hot she is, but that others enjoy looking at her. I think it is absurd with the direction that guys, especially the late teens / early 20's, have gone with thinking a woman is only attractive if she is thin to the point she is on the verge of being unhealthy. I think that is not a very attractive sight to see girls in that state. Undoubtedly it is a product of what the media is conveying to the younger generations and even people of Princess' age as they grew up. In fact Princess and I were watching a show on HBO2 just last night about he porn industry and some of the things that have changed through the years. One individual made the statement that actresses in the adult industry have almost acheived a "sci-fi" type of appearance. They have the bleached blonde hair, the (not only) HUGE, but FAKE boobs, and these tiny waists that any woman with a normal life (with work hours and family commitments) could not acheive. The actresses make up is almost as overwhelming as (Princess so eloquently put it) staring straight into the sun. I, for one, love to see women with a little meat to them... enough you know they are healthy and not going to bruise if you just touch them. The video posted today is of some model I am not fimiliar with. Her name apparently is Erica Campbell and what I thought was funny about this is that the comments on Metacafe.com talked mostly about how overweight she is. It makes me wonder... What is the media doing to our ideas and preceptions of what is attractive and what exactly is "overweight" now? After seeing the video I think the media is REALLY skewing our perception as a society... kind of sad. Until tomorrow... LATE!....SANDMAN1972