10 August 2006

A much needed Blog post

Well it has been a few days and so I woke up today and decided it was time for a much need blog post. I hope that this finds everyone doing well and life is treating you all good. As for the two of us things are great. Princess is starting a new job as of this coming Monday, so anyone who has ties should leave a comment with their congrats. She is super excited and I know she definitely deserves it. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best with her attempt to start a career instead of working a "job." She is a hard worker, with tons of dedication... I hope things work out for her... not only because it affects me financially, but because I love to see her succeed with her endeavors. She is a good person (besides the fact she is so incredibly sexy) and has paid her dues... she is owed some good luck in the employment realm of life now. So like I say, if you have some time, leave a comment here showing her some love and wishing her the best... anyone likes to hear encouragement when starting a new job and likes to know others are pulling for them. We have been busy, and trying to fit time for relaxing and fun in when we can. I survived a nice 10 day vacation and loved being away from the hell hole I call a job. I actually love my job, I just hate the others I work with. And true to form, after 10 days of being away and having no stress from my job, I walked in the door Monday night to immediately start dealing with others who put more effort into acting like a shit-stick than should be humanly possible. We were able to take a coupe of pics for the blog and I have posted a couple of those here in the opening of today's post. The first is just a hot one of pic topless on our bed. I know some of you are going to say, "yeah but she is covering her nipples." Still I don't care how you look at it, she looks hot laying there looking up at me like that. The second pic is one of her being playful an pulling a tube top down on our porch. There is just something about a girl, especially my HOT ASS wife, having her tits exposed when outdoors. On a different note, from my "lead celebrity reporter" Princess, in the "entertainment department" of the blog, you have probably heard Jenna Jameson and her husband Jay Sterling (Grdia) have announced they are "on a break" and Jenna's camp is confirming she is "with Dave Navarro. Princess is quick to point out that while most say Jay is certainly drinking himself into oblivion, in the big picture he is a better looking man than Jenna is a woman and he will come out just fine on this deal. If by chance you have no idea who these people are, a previous post had the first part of the following video embedded in it and is worth a look. Jenna is the biggest porn star in the world, and her husband was her partner in her ClubJenna empire. They actually appeared to have a loving, normal relationship, as much as a couple could who make a living in the adult entertainment industry, and this was a shock to anyone who knew of them. If you have time read Jenna's book "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale." It is a great read and well worth the time. I think that their recent situation and "break" from their relationship shows us all that these couples/people who open up their lives for the public, and that even includes me and Princess to a point, are real couples... and have real relationship issues like anyone else. I said something the other day about how we were planning on getting some new tattoos. We did a bit of thinking, and while both of us feel the same in the regard that inking someone's name on your skin would be the kiss of death for a relationship. We did came up with a great idea (at least we think so) to pick out a design that had the same theme, and that way we would stay away from the whole "matching tattoos" concept also. We decided on stars as a theme, and since I have got tons of comments and emails complimenting Princess' lower back piece I thought I would post a pic of her new one. Its a trail of stars on top of her left foot and it looks really cute on her small foot. She plans on having the mirror image done on the other foot in a few weeks. I decided on a nautical star on my left shoulder that is my favorite colors (orange and black), and if anyone is interested I can post a pic of it in a couple of days. So that is what we are up to. So you know I have a few new pics and they will be appearing here and on Princess' BB soon. Also there is a thread over on her BB where she answers 25 questions. Someone asks a question, she answers it, and then the first person to post the next question she then answers that one and so on. Look for it on the BB, it will give you a glimpse inside her heart and mind. So... until tomorrow.... LATE!....SANDMAN1972

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KAVALLIR said...

Dear Princess - This is to wish you better times at your new job... We did read that you were very unhappy in your previous one - shitty boss!!
So good luck, keep smiling with that lovely face of yours, and do not forget that even the mighty OAK was just a tiny seed one day. So here is to the future.... pity far away, as I would love to crack a bottle of champagne with you and Sandman wishing you the best of the best... Kavallir