16 August 2006

We are looking forward to the weekend.

So the weekend is approaching and we can not wait. With Princess' new job she now has a 4 day work week, so we both only work Monday through Friday, and that means our week is half way over. We are both very excited because this means we get to spend even more time together. We have a softball game Friday night and that will take up that evening. Saturday I think we will just chill out and kick around here, maybe do some new pics if we can think of a nice outdoors place to do some... funny huh? We live in an incredibly beautiful place - Colorado - and yet I still talk about finding a good outdoors place to do some pics. I guess we take our scenery for granted in a way... we need to make an effort not to. The plan is to get up early Sunday morning, load up a picnic lunch and some camp chairs, towels and sunscreen and make the drive up to the Boulder Reservoir for a day of nude sunbathing and skinny dipping. We have totally enjoyed our trips to Mon Chalet and the chance to spend the evenings there naked and having the freedom to be open sexually, but this will hopefully be a whole new experience that is just as fun for us. We both enjoy being naked, and the chance to not have clothes on while outside is right up our alley as far as being a relaxing day. From what we understand there is a portion of the swim area that is for people who want to wear bathing suits and then if you travel on there is a portion for people who would rather go nude. It shouldmake for a day of good fun and some great stories, which we of course will relate here for you all to read. We have touched base with the guy we met from a craigslist.com personal ad that seemed to fit into that we are looking for. For the record, we are NOT swingers, which means Princess does NOT have intercourse with other men. I know the fact I stated we are not swingers would seem like it is cut and dry about her sleeping with other men, but you would not believe the responses to our ads we receive and the guys just DO NOT understand that. The guy who we met with is in our age group, non pushy, and into outdoor nudity like we are. We have never been to the Boulder Reservoir, but it seems like it will be fun, and the guy we met from the personal ad is supposed to meet us there at some point. Princess loves to know that her personality and her body is arousing to people we have decided we would like to hang out with. We have talked and I think it would be erotic if the three of us just chiled out enjoying the sun and water, and if I and our new friend could make sure Princess has enough sunscreen on her beautiful fare skin throughout the day. I am sure we both would love to make sure her beautiful, big breasts have enough sunscreen on them from time to time, and Princess loves to have her nipples stimulated. I think this would also be good in the fact by rubbing her incredible body it will ensure that the both of us will be, at the least, half-hard while laying out with her. If this new friend of ours is as laid back and as easy going as he has come across so far then maybe she wont mind if we let our cocks get to full hard as we lay out with her and enjoy the feeling of the sun on our hard penis' as we watch her sun her incredible figure. It would be nice if Princess was relaxed and comfortable enough, as well as if I were to be, that she would have an interest in rubbing sunscreen on me and our friend if he is non pushy as he hangs out with us and we socialize. A little rubbing in of the sunscreen would be nice. I can say that I haven't actually been this excited about one of our escapades in quite awhile. I would love if by the end of our day there Princess is so aroused from being naked outdoors and seeing cocks (and maybe even some other boobs) that she nonchalantly plays with her clit or sits up and discreetly fingers her pussy for a bit. Hopefully by the end of the day she will be so hot from allthe fun and nakedness she will be telling me and our friend how bad she wants to watch us squirt our cum onto our blanket. We have all this fun to look forward to and then NEXT weekend we have a tee time for 9 holes on the golf course where the gentleman paying for it has agreed to buy Princess a revealing outfit for her to play in and even show he and I even more skin as we are out on the course, and who knows... with something as hot as her showing her tits and/or ass and/or pussy on a golf course... I imagine I will have to pull some kind of trick to be able to jack off and relieve myself as I watch her and how hot she is. I will do my best to get whatever pics I can of both of these events, I assume you guys would want to see them right?... LATE!... SANDMAN1972

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Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the pics, note to self - take up golf