24 August 2006

Weather shut us out last weekend

So our big plans to go up and spend the day at the Boulder Reservoir this past weekend were ruined due to a fact the weather was horrible for the most of the day. I woke up at about 7:30am and the skies were dark, cloudy, and drizzle was falling. I headed downstairs and logged onto the notebook, checked a couple of weather sites and sure enough, the forecast called for couldy, cool, and scattered showers. DAMN! It didn't look like heading all the way up to Bolder was worth the drive. This was pretty disappointing because I absolutely LOVE to see Princess totally nude and outdoors or in some kind of environment that has been taught to be "wrong" in some sense. I love to skinny dip with her and feelher nakedness against me. She is the most attractive, arousing woman a person could be with. I also LOVE to have her by my side and watch other men (and even women at times) look at her gorgeous body. This is even more sxciting when we are in environments where nudity is permitted and I am able to see others look at how hot her breasts and ass are as she walks around, sits and relaxes, or does anyting in their presence while she is naked. Most people are in awe of how incredible her boobs are. Some who have seen pics even ask if we are truthful in saying they are real. The are 100% Princess, although i can see the skeptisism we encounter. It is not everyday you see a girl who has natural 34 double D breasts, much less ones that are so incredibly firm. She has breasts that women would pay large amounts of money to a plastic surgeon to have. I was really looking forward to her being able to be nude at the Reservoir and the reactions that other men would have, especially to see if they would get hard or even stroke themselves as they watch her. There is something I definately get out of others looking at her, and I am luy in the fact she loves to show and tease a bit if she thinks it arouses the others looking. What was kind of wierd is the fact that the guy we met who was supposed to meet us at the Reservoir cancelled our meeting the night before. He said he had some last minute stuff come up and had to stay home to help remodel a kitchen. Remodel a kitchn or hang out with a hot girl on a nude beach for the day? Does that seem like a hard decision to make? We find more people who "flake out" on us on the internet. I just don't understand people. Nice Flash - video powered by Metacafe We do have some plans this weekend for some fun. We will be heading up towards the Denver area and meeting a new friend we met online. He has agreed to meet us at a golf store and purchase Princess a new glf outfit. Once we are done there we are heading out for 9 holes of golf, and while onthe course Princess will be doing a bit of teasing/flashing and making it an interesting round of 9 holes to say the least. Ou friend previously asked to take some pics but we decided the best thing to do was for us to take and retain the pics. I will undoubtedly be posting some of those pics for you all to view here and may even see if we can make arrangements to make a contribution to The Voyeur Web site and see what kind of feedback we get. If any of you all have any thoughts, comments, etc we would love to hear from you here. Just post a comment at the end of the post here and we will get back to you if you like. We also have an email link at the right of the page. Hope you all are doing well, I am outta here to surf the internet for a dirtbike to buy. Until tomorrow.... or maybe the day after..... LATE!... Sandman1972

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