13 August 2006

The Weekend is OVER..... here we go again with 4days of work!!!!

So the weekend is winding up and it has been very relaxing. We actually spent some time on focusing on "us" this weekend and it was great. We have made some plans to head up to the Boulder area and spend a day at the reservoir there. The reservoir caught our attention because of the fact they have an area that has grown to be a nude beach/area. It turns out that being topless/nude in Colorado is not illegal as long as you are not performing an obscene act. What a better way to spend a day than laying out and doing a little swimming, all the while being nude. I guess this coming Sunday we will head up that way to enjoy the day around the water and in the buff. I will be sure to write a detailed account of how the trip goes next Monday here in the Blog.

It turns out we may be meeting a guy, at the reservoir, who we met through a personal ad on criagslist.com. We placed an ad looking for someone who was into mainly watching us play as he masturbated. We got some ridiculous replies, and a few that were decent. We met this new guy face to face and he seemed to click with us, and above all else, he appeared to be "normal." He found out we were planning on going to the reservoir, and talked as if he may be interested in meeting us there for a day of us all laying out naked and enjoying each others' company. Although it is a public area, our new friend has let us know that it is very possible for people to have a little fun and even play a bit as long as you are careful and discreet. He has emailed us and us him and we have discussed while laying out, if he feels the urge (or Princess or myself does) how we are all comfortable with us masturbating while with one another. I am sure as much as she likes her breasts touched, we will both have the opportunity to apply sme sunscreen to her tits as she lays out. It will definately be a fun time and I will relay all the details here for you all. We have been so busy with life in general that pic taking has got pushed down on the priority list as of late. We will most likely have time for some new pics, and if you have any requests then post them on Princess' Bulletin Board, and she can make a list of them. I am thinking that the trip to Boulder Reservoir may be a great time to make an effort to take some hot pics of Princess as we are laying out naked, and maybe get some pics of her playing with my cock and maybe touching our new friend's. I will definately be sure to keep everyone updated as far as our plans and what all goes down next weekend. We have also met someone from the VoyeurWeb Bulletin Board who is an avid golfer and is interested in playing a 9 hole round with Princess and myself, with a little twist. He has offered to buy Princess a new golf outfit and pay for an afternoon on the golf course, where she is going to put on a show by flashing and being playful. We think it sounds fun and look forward to meeting him and enjoying our time on the course. It has been set up for a week from Sunday, so that will be an entry, along with some pics from the course, to look forward to on Monday the 28th. We basically have got busy with meeting some new people and expanding some of the adult fun we like to have. I guess the good thing for someone who likes to read our blog is that there will be a fw weeks of great posts and fun stories. Hopefully, you all will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy relaying our escapades out and about. So I will think about some scenarios that may be possible at the nude beach... if you guys have any then please post them so we can start to think about living them out for all your reading enjoyment. Until tomorrow.... LATE!....



Anonymous said...

holy hell man that is a nice video, a great compliment to your lovely wife. Best of luck with you adventures to come, i cant wait to see what happens, still which i lived close by, cant wait to go "visit " my sister when she moves out there this year - EZ

Fuzzy Guy said...

Greetings Springscouple...THANKS for the links.I was reading about that Craigslist dude and man am I Envious!!!Like GREEN with envy!! haha. I would travel to enjoy an adventure like that with you too.I am very respectful and normal.Just to watch princess and visit with you guys would be a delight!!!!