20 September 2006

Update for a boring Wednesday

I just want to thank everyone for the participation on the log and our Bulletin Board lately. It seemed like there was a lull in comments and people checking in in general, and it becomes easy to not post or take new pics for you guys to view when we feel like nobody is appreciating what we are attempting here. The more we see people have to say, the more we want to post. I really want the audience base of the blog and BB to grow, so if you guys know of anyone who would enjoy visiting our spaces here please forward them the addresses and tell them if they like they can email us. We would love to hear how they found the sites or who referred them to us. I know it has been awhile since you have seen brand new pics. I think we will be working on new ones very soon... hopefully this weekend. It is hard to get some time to dedicate to doing pics right now. We have almost always done pics in the evening, and with Princess being pregnant, she sometimes is exhausted in the evening or may feel sick sometimes. The weather is supposed to be cool, cloudy, and fall-like this weekend and what better way to spend sometime than to do a few new pics for devoted fans.

I do have a couple of requests we will be shooting already, and if anyone has one that they want to see in particular, please contact us here or via email and we will do our best to get to the request A.S.A.P. I am going to make a conscious effort to try and start documenting Princess' body weekly as she starts her second trimester this week. There really hasn't been a need for it due to the fact she has not changed in appearance since becoming pregnant. And in case you are wondering, I will definitely be documenting the changes her breasts go through in detail... I am probably the biggest fan of her breast of any of you out there.


18 September 2006

So what do you all think?

Well I have been checking with the Voyeur Web Bulletin Board quite a bit lately. There was a couple of pretty ridiculous threads that the originator tried to make the claim that if a girl does any of the following:
  • Has tattoos
  • Has body piercings
  • Wears thongs
  • Wears low cut jeans
  • Then she is one of the following:
  • Uneducated
  • A slut
  • Lives in a trailer park
  • Does not possess any values or morals

Those particular thread, two of them I believe that were worded a bit different, particularly got under my skin. Princess has two (sexy) tattoos, has had her nipples pierced in the past, and LOVES to wear both thongs AND low cut jeans. She totally blows the jerk who started the threads theory out of the water. She is very educated - two college degrees, probably has never even as so much as driven through a trailer park, and has some of the highest values and morals a person could have. To top it off, she is the furthest thing from a slut one could imagine. I hate people who try to force their beliefs on others. For this person to think they can make judgements on people, especially such deep judgemants at that, based on things such as body art or particualr kinds of clothes is ludacris. I can only hope that Princess and I in no way, as parents, ever convey those kinds of traits to our children.

I did run across a couple of threads, one in particular, that was interested in showing fun here in Southern Colorado, Co. Springs even. We have made several posts to it, and otherposters seem to be interested as to when and where Princess is out showing. I think I have written in posts previously that we enjoy being out, playing pool, while she wears LOW cut, revealing tops without a bra under it (see today's first pic). We also are interested in some nude socializing with other people in a home setting, although have been unable to set something like that up yet. I just wondered if any of the readers of the blog have anything they like in that realm of adult fun. We are not really into swinging, and like to think others out there have nude fun like we try to find. If any of you have had dealing with these type of situations... seeing down bloouse shots by a woman who probably knows she giving them, or spent time socializing nude... or you have any thoughts on the subjects, then lets hear about it ok? Comment here or feel free to leave your story on the BB.

Until then, enjoy the opening pic of Princess playing pool (nice booby shot as she shoots), and then the middle pic is one of the best cleveage pics we have ever taken... at least in my humble opinion. The last pic will only mean anything to those of you who are Dane Cook (the comedian) fans. Princess is not only letting her gorgeous breasts be out on display for the pic, but is also shooting the SuFi... Super Finger for those of you who don't know of his routine. As Dane puts it... "because sometimes one is just not enough for those special breed of assholes you run across at times."

LATE!.... Sandman1972

17 September 2006

New pics on the way!!!!!!

So it is Sunday, and our Broncos won (YEAH!) so we are planning on finishing this weekend up with a photo session. It has been a few weeks since we took some time out and were able to take some new pics to be posted here on the blog. I am glad that the majority of fans that Princess has aquired seem VERY excited about her being pregnant and being wiling to post pics of her body in the process as she begins to show and such. She is an AMAZINGLY sexy woman and undoubtedly will become even more so over the next few weeks as she grows with her pregnancy. Some of you have voiced an opinion that it seems crazy to you that we have run across so many people who stand us up or find a reason to postpone meeting us AFTER they have contacted us and arranged some sort of meeting. We have seen everything from meeting others for conversation and coffee with promises of touching base later, to having someone set up a date for golf (with the intentions that Princess could show on the golf course) only to be put off for a "fantasy football draft." I think maybe the fact we are so real, unlike so many others on the internet, becomes overwhelming for people. they seem like they don't know what to do once they realize we are real and will meet and do what we say we are interested in doing. Fortunately we have run across some people who contacted us through the VW Bulletin Board and who seem to be into the same showing and watching things we are into. Hopefully this will be a couple we can hang out with and enjoy the same types of fun together. We have really enjoyed a couple who have followed our blog/bulletin board here... they go by the name ZeeCouple. They have offerd such nice encouragement for Princess to keep posting through her pregnancy, especially requesting pics of her as she has her milk come in, some pics we hope to be able to do in the future and sahre with those of you who are interested. Since we will be doing pics tonight, if anyone reads this post during the next few hours and you have a pic request, please post it (either here or on the BB) and we will try to get it taken tonight. Also, if any of Princess' fans have anyting they want to communicate to her, please feel free to email her/us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and we will try to answer each and every email we get. We hope that you all enjoy the blog and are looking forward to new pics, hopefully we will have some available tomorrow.

15 September 2006

We have decided... For now!

I want to thank everyone that took the time to express their opinion about us continuing to post pics of Princess as she continues on through her pregnancy. I can see we did not receive one negative comment as to people not wanting to see her progression, and in fact most mentioned how erotic it would be to see more pics of her as she becomes farther along (as you can guess most want to watch the change her breasts will undergo, up to and including the coming of her milk). It is encouraging to know that she has developed a following of "fans" that are true enough to follow her through this incredible life experience and be open to take in the eroticism of her being pregnant. I really think for the most part men are "biologically programmed" to find a pregnant woman sexy. I know as we progress through the coming months I will find Princess to be more and more sexy, hot, erotic, and sensual. It is funny, in the fact I already look for T-shirts that, in some way, profess my gorgeous wife to be a M.I.L.F. She is definitely going to epitomize the word. She has developed that "glow" that you hear people talk of. She smiles even more than before, and has a happiness flowing from her. The morning sickness has taken its toll, and she is more easily tired than before, but she is definitely excited and can not hide that fact. I think it is cool in the fact that we got so many encouraging remarks. We even saw a couple of people post opinions that otherwise have been "lurking" in the shadows of the blog and/or the Bulletin Board. I personally want to thank "ZeeCouple" for the nice words of encouragement and the incredibly nice email. It is nice to know that even though we don't see comments or emails from all those who visit our sites, there are (in fact) a lot more people enjoying our pics, and my ridiculous ramblings, than we will ever know. Hopefully with the prospect of some new pics, most likely INCREDIBLE pictures, on the horizon than we will be able to capture more of the current fans' attention, along with people you guys (and girls) refer to our sites. So as we progress I the coming weeks I hope all of you out there will please send us your pic requests. If you don't know, any and all of you are welcome to email us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and so you know we try to personally answer each and every email we receive. I know a lot of you are like me, and excited about the changes her breasts will go through. The fact that her milk will eventually come in is so arousing I would count the days down until it is here if I knew how many days that would be. Princess and I have discussed it in the past and we are both excited about the milk play we will be able to have once her breasts are producing, and I am sure along the way she will allow me to take some incredibly hot pics of her expressing her milk as they are full and painful. So all in all, keep tuned in, send in pic requests, and buckle up... the next several weeks of this pregnancy are going to be hot. Thanks for the support and contact us if you have something to let us in on. LATE>... Sandman1972

11 September 2006

An update and some changes.... maybe

So things on the blog here, and over at our Bulletin Board have been kind of quiet. We were rained out on our attempt to go to the nude beach at the reservoir, and our golf trip we had planned in which Princess was going to do some outdoor showing was "postponed" due to the gentleman who was supposed to meet us had a fantasy football draft to attend (I guess everyone has their proirotities). I hope we can get to Boulder maybe this coming weekend for some nude fun outdoors, but it is totally dependant on the weather now. I have taken time off from writing on the blog here because I have went through a pretty stressful time at work and have been pretty wrapped up in that. I actually think writing here is kind of therapeutic in a sense and need to make that a priority. Hoefully we still have a majority of Princess' fan base still checking in and trying to keep up with us. I know ther was some mix up as to the Wicked Weasel fund and money ending up in the wrong place. I hope everyone sees there was no ill intent on anyone's part and it was all due to misunderstanding. Hopefull all is well with you all and everyone has not missed seeing the beautiful Princess too much. I know it has been awhile since the last round of neew pics and we definately need to take some new ones to be posted, but our regualr lives have been busy and a bit crazy lately. I am sure everyone can relate to that. Actually some of the business has brought up a subject that I need to hear from all tha come hear, loud and clear. We have some life changing news that may or may not affect the future of this blog and the Bulletin Board, depending on what the moral majority rules. We recently found our Princess is now officially pregnant. The question is... do we keep posting her pics? I think women are VERY sexy and erotic while they are pregnant and begin to show. I just need to know if any of you others out there find pregnant girls sexy or should Princess take a hiatus from posting pics? I know I am going to keep taking pics of her, just want to know if we should keep posting them for others out there. Post a comment here (preferably) or on Princess' BB so we can know what direction to take. LATE! SANDMAN1972