18 September 2006

So what do you all think?

Well I have been checking with the Voyeur Web Bulletin Board quite a bit lately. There was a couple of pretty ridiculous threads that the originator tried to make the claim that if a girl does any of the following:
  • Has tattoos
  • Has body piercings
  • Wears thongs
  • Wears low cut jeans
  • Then she is one of the following:
  • Uneducated
  • A slut
  • Lives in a trailer park
  • Does not possess any values or morals

Those particular thread, two of them I believe that were worded a bit different, particularly got under my skin. Princess has two (sexy) tattoos, has had her nipples pierced in the past, and LOVES to wear both thongs AND low cut jeans. She totally blows the jerk who started the threads theory out of the water. She is very educated - two college degrees, probably has never even as so much as driven through a trailer park, and has some of the highest values and morals a person could have. To top it off, she is the furthest thing from a slut one could imagine. I hate people who try to force their beliefs on others. For this person to think they can make judgements on people, especially such deep judgemants at that, based on things such as body art or particualr kinds of clothes is ludacris. I can only hope that Princess and I in no way, as parents, ever convey those kinds of traits to our children.

I did run across a couple of threads, one in particular, that was interested in showing fun here in Southern Colorado, Co. Springs even. We have made several posts to it, and otherposters seem to be interested as to when and where Princess is out showing. I think I have written in posts previously that we enjoy being out, playing pool, while she wears LOW cut, revealing tops without a bra under it (see today's first pic). We also are interested in some nude socializing with other people in a home setting, although have been unable to set something like that up yet. I just wondered if any of the readers of the blog have anything they like in that realm of adult fun. We are not really into swinging, and like to think others out there have nude fun like we try to find. If any of you have had dealing with these type of situations... seeing down bloouse shots by a woman who probably knows she giving them, or spent time socializing nude... or you have any thoughts on the subjects, then lets hear about it ok? Comment here or feel free to leave your story on the BB.

Until then, enjoy the opening pic of Princess playing pool (nice booby shot as she shoots), and then the middle pic is one of the best cleveage pics we have ever taken... at least in my humble opinion. The last pic will only mean anything to those of you who are Dane Cook (the comedian) fans. Princess is not only letting her gorgeous breasts be out on display for the pic, but is also shooting the SuFi... Super Finger for those of you who don't know of his routine. As Dane puts it... "because sometimes one is just not enough for those special breed of assholes you run across at times."

LATE!.... Sandman1972


mfwic said...

The VoyeurWeb free forums are full of haters. The Redclouds forums are better. Membership has its rewards or so goes the commercial.

Anonymous said...

i got lost in that clevage for sometime last night, oh what a night