15 September 2006

We have decided... For now!

I want to thank everyone that took the time to express their opinion about us continuing to post pics of Princess as she continues on through her pregnancy. I can see we did not receive one negative comment as to people not wanting to see her progression, and in fact most mentioned how erotic it would be to see more pics of her as she becomes farther along (as you can guess most want to watch the change her breasts will undergo, up to and including the coming of her milk). It is encouraging to know that she has developed a following of "fans" that are true enough to follow her through this incredible life experience and be open to take in the eroticism of her being pregnant. I really think for the most part men are "biologically programmed" to find a pregnant woman sexy. I know as we progress through the coming months I will find Princess to be more and more sexy, hot, erotic, and sensual. It is funny, in the fact I already look for T-shirts that, in some way, profess my gorgeous wife to be a M.I.L.F. She is definitely going to epitomize the word. She has developed that "glow" that you hear people talk of. She smiles even more than before, and has a happiness flowing from her. The morning sickness has taken its toll, and she is more easily tired than before, but she is definitely excited and can not hide that fact. I think it is cool in the fact that we got so many encouraging remarks. We even saw a couple of people post opinions that otherwise have been "lurking" in the shadows of the blog and/or the Bulletin Board. I personally want to thank "ZeeCouple" for the nice words of encouragement and the incredibly nice email. It is nice to know that even though we don't see comments or emails from all those who visit our sites, there are (in fact) a lot more people enjoying our pics, and my ridiculous ramblings, than we will ever know. Hopefully with the prospect of some new pics, most likely INCREDIBLE pictures, on the horizon than we will be able to capture more of the current fans' attention, along with people you guys (and girls) refer to our sites. So as we progress I the coming weeks I hope all of you out there will please send us your pic requests. If you don't know, any and all of you are welcome to email us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and so you know we try to personally answer each and every email we receive. I know a lot of you are like me, and excited about the changes her breasts will go through. The fact that her milk will eventually come in is so arousing I would count the days down until it is here if I knew how many days that would be. Princess and I have discussed it in the past and we are both excited about the milk play we will be able to have once her breasts are producing, and I am sure along the way she will allow me to take some incredibly hot pics of her expressing her milk as they are full and painful. So all in all, keep tuned in, send in pic requests, and buckle up... the next several weeks of this pregnancy are going to be hot. Thanks for the support and contact us if you have something to let us in on. LATE>... Sandman1972


Anonymous said...

Sandman and Princess,

Thank you for your kind word in your Blog. As a mother and wife, I hope your experiences willbe as good if not better than ours were! The sex and excitement are incredible and if you do share with us all, I'm sure it will be of great pleasure to you and us!

Zee Couple

Quickshadow said...

YAY! I look forward to seeing more of Princess as she goes through the next few months! You are definately a lucky guy to have a hot sexy wife like her go through this. Get ready for the super horny stage, I hear it can be kinda tiring lol.


mfwic said...

Hi Princess,

You post on until you don't feel confortable. I read a quote recently that I think is appropriate:

"Be yourself. The people that matter won't mind, and the people that do mind, don't matter." - Dr. Seuss