30 October 2006

Is this blog worth reading?

Well it seems like the blog has some newer viewers and it seems more and more people are taking the time to leave comments, which we love to read. Steph of "ZeeCouple" left a great message and said that after seeing Princess enjoying the sets of Pastease she has, that she is now thinking of getting some. All I can say is they are extremely HOT and are sure attemtion getters. Hopefully this coming spring ad summer, after the birth of our daughter, we will be able to hit Boulder Reservoir for some nude tanning and maybe a day or two with Princess in a micro thong and a pair of Pastease. If you go to www.pastease.com you will see tons of pics, and a link to a video and I think you will agree, a pair of pastease alone with jeans, a bikini bottom, shorts, whatever... is hot on just about any chick (although I am very partial to Princess in a pair with her big boobs). And to Zee Couple... thanks for all the kind remarks on Princess' growing boobs. So we got pretty blasted by the blizzard last week. Here in Colorado Springs, we ended up with 2'+ of really wet snow and were basically trapped insid for a day solid. Not a bad way to spend a day though... trapped in the house with a beautiful, pregnant woman. I love my wife and enjo every moment I get to spend with her. I know a lot of people who are married end up kind of doing their own things after awhile, but I could not imagine not spending every free moment I have away from Princess. We have always been extrememly close and always made an effort to try new things, and she has a way of ALWAYS keeping our sex life exciting and HOT. She is truly one of the most sexual women a person could meet. I love how she enjoys showing herself off and how aroused it makes her to know others see her as attractive. We have had fans email us pics of them cumming on her pics, which she seems to be flattered by. I honestly feel like I am married to the sexiest woman in the world. And as I have said many times previous, she just gets hotter and hotter as the pregnancy goes on. Hopefully you all are enjoying the pics of her we post as the weeks clip by, and you are enjoying the progression her body is undergoing with each passing week. We did head out to one of our favorite bars this past Saturday for a little Halloween celebration. I have to say, I honestly can tell you that Princess was the HOTTEST girl in there. She is between 16 and 17 weeks pregannt right now, so the fact she was able to wear the costume she had picked out was impressive enough. I don't think too many women could go as a "schoolgirl" at 16 1/2 weeks pregnant and look as hot as she did. She picked a khaki plaid mini skirt to wear (see pic). Under that, she had bought a hot pair of boy cut panties to wear (also in pic), and did her hair in small pigtails. She also picked up a new pair if knee high white stockings, and paired those with her black school girl shoes. To pull everything together, she opted for a white "wifebeater" tank top. Instead of a bra she chose to go braless and only wear a pair of pastease that were red and in the shape of flames over her nipples. It was truly one of the hottest outfits I have ever seen her wear in public. The fact her skirt was so short, and of course I love ANYTIME she wears ANYTHING that lets others have a good look at her tits, made for a fun time of admiring how hot my wife is. If you guys want, we can see if we can get some pics of the outfit in all its glory to post. Leave comments if you think we should post some pics like that. The last pic of the post is a pic of Princess at 16 weeks, and you can start to see the "baby bump." As I said her body just continues to become more and more gorgeous. We have talked about, and spent some time around the house nude lately. We both think that converting to nudism (at least at home) sounds fun. There are few places to spend time nude in Colorado around others, but home nudity will suffice until we find a place to go I guess right? We both are very much in agreement that nudity will not harm the upbringing of our daughter and we think that it should be something that is not taboo. One couple here did gives us an opinion, but I would like to see what the others think here on the subject of home nudity and families... now keep in mind I am not referring to sex, just home nudity. And to Zee Couple has your home nudity ever caused a problem? How old are your children now? Have they caught you and hubby ever trying to "sneak" some playing in? We would love to hear about your experience with family nudity. So until the next post.... LATE! ... SANDNAM1972

26 October 2006

So, we are sitting in the midst of a freaking blizzard which means I have time to post to the blog for the SECOND day in a row. Amazing huh? Since the storm has the interstate shut down, I get an extra day off work, and now have a 4 day weekend. That means chilling out until we thaw out, which will be tomorrow sometime it looks like. My idle time is your reward in the fact I have time to post even more new pics of Princess. The first pic today is a pic of her at 15 weeks, nude and wearing a pair of H-O-T pink and black pastease. I think you can kinda tell her boobs are starting to swell a bit in this pic. As you all have mentioned, the majority of people are looking forward to her boobs growing and, eventually, her milk coming in. Speaking of her breasts, Princess has noticed that her current 34dd bras can BARELY contain her growing chest. It seems like everytime she is around the house in only a bra, if she moves in any direction, a nipple is going for freedom out of the top of her bra cup(s). Being on top of things as she is, she spent some time researching as to what size of a nursing bra she will need to look into buying (in the near future it looks like). Now maybe I am just naive, but I thought the largest cups they made a bra with was a double D cup. It turns out that Princess has found out she is going to need to buy a nursing bra that is "34F." AMAZING huh? Wat I have learned is that my wife's gorgeous breasts are much different than a lady who is,say, 40DD or 42DD or 40F, etc. Since she is a "34" it means she is a smaller girl, but her boobs are very full, and beleiev ot or not, very FIRM to boot. She continues to get sexier with each passing day. It is hard to put into words just how much MORE beautiful my wife is now that she is pregnant. There is something that is definately erotic and sexy about any woman, but especailly MY wife being pregnant. I can't even imagine how horny I will be as she really starts to show. The fact she LOVES her boobs touched and played with coupled with her milk coming in soon, will make for incredibly HOT times. I am more excited than she could ever know to nurse her milk from her. We have talked in great depth about how a little one may change how we act around the house. We both feel like nudism is NOTHING to be ashamed of, so decided that we will continue to spend time naked at home as we relax. What I wonder is... do any of the readers here have a story or past in which they lived in an environment where nudity was open and made out not to be taboo? If so, please let us know. So Princes is narrowing down her costume choice. The final decision will, undoubtedly br amazingly, SMOKING hot. The pics of her in her costume will be soem of you readers' favorites to date. Hopefully we can get those up on the blog sometime Sunday or Monday. They will be unforgetable. Until the next post..... LATE Sandman1972

25 October 2006

We found out.... It's a GIRL

So we found out yesterday we are having a baby girl! We had almost convinced ourselves it would be a boy... there are very few girls on my side of the family. I think when the somnographer informed us we were having a baby girl, Princess and I both were shocked to say the least. We, of course, were hoping on nothing more than a healthy baby, but in the back of our minds we really wanted a girl. Thinggs are working out so well, and I think the news even added to Princess' glow. She is right at 16 weeks as of this past Tuesday, so time seems to be clciking along pretty well for us. Before we know it the baby will be here. That means one by product that is "fun" will be Princess' milk will be in shortly. I can NOT wait to be able to get a TON of pics of her expressing the milk, with shots from her letting the milk dribble out, to ones showing her making her boobs do a full on squirt. She is totally stoked about the idea also. She also has a pic idea and we will see how it goes over. She is tunred on by taking some "creampie" pics. If you don't know what that is, she wants to have me shoot my entire load of cum into her pussy, and then as I pull out once I am squirted all I can, she wants me to take pics of the cum seeping out of her. These should turn out hot due to the fact her pussy looks totally hot, and even more so after we have been having sex, and for the fact I have the ability (I guess blessed in some people's eyes... LOL) to shoot enourmous amounts of cum. Anyone who has anythought ts on these pics, or any pics requests please comment here or over at her Bulletin Board. The second thing on my mind is the fact that Halloween is just a couple days away... well the 27th is, and that is when pretty much all of "ADULT" America will be celebrating it. I LOVE Halloween. I think, withthe exception of Mardi Gras, it is one of the few holidays that bring adults out and gives them an outlet to let down their inhibitions. People seem to feel as they can act a bit naughtier once they are in "costume." Its kinda too bad people don't feel they can be more free and open the rest of the year. So we have went through a few changes as far as what we will dress as. Originally we had chosen a theme of a priest and a pregnant nun. The only problem with that was we wanted Princess to be showing more, in turn adding a great humor factor to it. Well she just isn't showing very much. Next we moved onto the idea of a Pimp and a Ho. Princess has some AMAZINGLY sexy outfits, and mention she would wear a fishnet shirt with only a pair os Pastease under it... which has me hard just thinking about it. Today she is leaning toward a schoolgirl outfit. TOTALLY HOT also. Maybe she can incorporate some Patease or some nipple slips into the top. I love when she shows her tits off. If any of you are dressing for Halloween, then we would love to hear about what you are going as this year. I will be sure to get some pics of Princess all done up and looking hot on Saturday night, so stay tuned for those. Until then.... LATE! Sandman1972

23 October 2006

October 23, 2006

So it seems like the blog here is getting more and more traffic thanks to the people from some of the message boards where we post pics of Princess. In consideration of that I tried to pick out some BRAND NEW pics of Princess to accompany the blog, and instead of posting just one or two pics of her in all her beauty, I decided to post 3 pics that are all new and have never been posted before now. In the first pic on the left she is about 12 weeks along in the pregnancy and in the right hand pic she is about 15 weeks or so. As you can see she grows more and more beautiful with each passing week of the pregnancy. It constantly amazes me how more beautiful she contimues to be. Her beauty is magnified with each little additional symptom I see her show of the new baby. Hopefully you all will enjoy the pics documenting the transition her body is going through. In the picture below she is around 15 weeks also, and the fact she has my favorite pair of Pastease on her nipples makes her that much sexier.

I know a lot of you looked forward to hearing how our meet with the guy from graigslist.com went on Friday. Unfortunately I had some asthma issues that prevented us from meeting with him. The good news in the situation was the guy totally understood and we thought that may be a problem. He is still very interested in meeting with us, which is good because the people we meet through ads who don't creep us out in some way or another are few and far between. The meet is still on, and I can even see if the guy will give us permission to shoot a few pics when it goes down. Sorry for the disaapointment... but you will get all the juicy details when it does go down. I promise.

So the weekend brings Halloween parties and stuff. We are heading out to a favorite bar of ours and doing the costume thing I think. Last time Princess brought it up she was leaning towards the "PIMP/HO" theme for her and I to do, which if we do go as that you KNOW she will be looking amazing.

Anyone who is visiting and reading here, we would love to read comments you leave, or head over to Princess' message board and start a thread... the link is on the right.

I will be back later in the week with more pics of Princess in action.


18 October 2006

New adventure scheduled for Friday!!!

Well thank God, our weeks are getting to come to a close. The great thing is Princess is over her morning sickness and feeling much better. We have made plans to go check out a costume night at one of the bars we like, on the 28th. After thinking about it, we will be going with me as a priest and Princess as a nun (which is funny since she is barely starting to show a pregnancy "bump"). Hopefully we can find a costume that wil also show off her incredible boobs somewhat. I will be sure to grab some pics fo the night for the blog. I know it has been awhile since I have out some recent pics up, but we just have not had time to get any developed to a disc. I am making a run to have them done this weekend so we will have some new ones for you soon, thanks for everyone being patient. Also, I will start putting some new videos in the posts again soon. With the weekend coming we decided for a little fun on Friday. We placed an ad on craigslist.com and asked for people to respond that would like to meet to see Princess' amazing breasts in person. We also stated that masturbating as she got topless was totally cool with us and they were more than welcome to. We instantly got about 20 responses. Luckily one guy in particualr seemed to mesh with us pretty well. He is very respectful of OUR limits (which if any of you guys are ever invited to join a couple, THAT IS THE NUMBER 1 THING TO KEEP IN MIND!). We sent him a couple of pics, and he has said he woudl rent a hotel room for the afternoon. Long story short, we will be heading over to meet him and do some hangin out, all of us nude. The exciting part will be watching the effect the site of her nude body, and her breasts especially will have on him as he grows hard as he becomes aroused, and eventually starts to masturbate. Princess LOVES to know her body arouses men and/or women. As she playes with her niples, I am sure I will get very hard and masturbate also. Who knows, if things are comfortable and everyone is at ease, maybe she will be stroking both cocks at once. Or maybe she will lay back as she has both her nipples sucked at the same time (one if her FAVORITE things to feel). It seems the fact she is pregnant turns a lot of people on. Her breasts are becoming more full and her nipples are gorgeous. This should work out to be a great afternoon of nudity and orgasms. I will be posting a blog entry about how the whole thing goes down, make sure to look for it over the weekend. LATE.... SandMan1972

12 October 2006

So another weekend is almost here (I have one more shift and Princess is done as of 6pm today), and it could not have come any sooner. We are kind of living for off time from work and the chance to enjoy each others company and be out and about a little. We have got into the routine of chilling on Friday and then Saturday hanging out until the evening and heading out to a favorite karaoke bar. Although Princess can't drink she is very capable of watching others (including myself) make an ass of themselves (and I did do a smoking rendition of Kid Rock's "Cowboy" last weel when we were there). The fun of it is being out with my beautiful wife and watching all the looks she gets from others. Last week she wore and amazingly low cut top with nothing but a pair of star shaped, white and pink pastease. It is great to see men (and some women for that matter) take a glimpse of her. Hopefully we can take it even further, and after she recovers from the delivery / pregnancy we can make a trip up to Denver and hit PT's Showclub once more. There is nothing hotter than to see my wife dancing on the amateur stage or on the dance floor with her big, beautiful breasts exposed. With that thgouht in mind, we will once again be out in Colorado Springs this Saturday night, with Princess dressed in something HOT (she can totally get away with it becasue she is still not really showing) and letting lucky people who pay anough attention get a look at her amazingly sexy boobs. Princess is totlly oblivious to some of the looks though. The one who took the cake last week was a girl about Princess' age. As Princess and I walked through the maze of people to leave, this girls eyes widened and I don't think she could believe how much of her tits Princess was showing. The stranger did all but climb into that shirt for a better look. Its nice to see others admiring her breasts so intently. I know I have been promising new pics of Princess, and they are on the way. Remember we still don't have a digital camera, so we have to take a roll up and then have it developed. We are down to a couple more pics and we wil be ready to have the film processed. I am saving those pics though, because Princess has talked of getting a new toy this coming weekend and I am sure you all want to see that. LATE.... SANDMAN1972

07 October 2006

New pics in the works.

So we are enjoying the weekend and chillin out. Last night we bought a pumpkin and one of those cool carving kits and made a pretty pimped out jack-o-lantern for our porch... I even got a pic or two of Princess with is, we will see how it comes out. Today... we are headed for another pumpkin and then Princess is going to carve her own... should be pretty cool. They are just time consuming... LOL. We hgave decided to eat a nice dinner at home and then we are headed out to a favorite hang out to listen to some karaoke acts... we get a kick out of that. I think Princess is going to wear a thin top of some kind an go braless but wear a pair of Pastease over her nipples. It should be good for getting some looks, form both men and women. I wil be sure to blog about the trip we have out tonight. And as always I will ge some pics of her... maybe some as she gets ready and of course some of her as we are out. Once we get those pics tonight we should have a good group of pics to start posting to the blog here. These will be some of the best we have done yet, as Princess grows more and more beautiful with each passing day. I have to admit.. there is not much of a baby bump yet, but I do think her breasts are changing and feel more full. She told me she is going to have to buy a new bra or two since hers barely fits now... and Its a 34 double D. So we will try to start to post the newer pics in a couple of days. I want to thank all of you who have visited our blog and Bulletin Board and took the time to leave comments. Anyone who has ended up here from one of the Bulletin Boards we post to (i.e. the Lit forum or the S&F forum) thanks for heading over and we hope you enjoy the pics. S&F folks will notice we are able to post much harder content here and hopefull you will be glad to see that. And to Zee Couple.... thanks for ALL the encouragement and kind words. It is nice to see that we are not the only couple who is interested in lacatating breasts and the course of pregnancy a woman goes through, and that we are not the only ones who see the eroticism in that. So for now all of you please enjoy the pics of Princess I posted today... the first of her makiing me feel good, and the second is a pic that just turned out good. She always looks amazing in every pic I do of her, but this was one of the ones that just seemed to come out perfect. So until the next time... keep commenting and visiting here to keep up with us and all of the fun we have. LATE... SANMAN1972

05 October 2006

Looking for some (maybe) showing fun for the weekend.

So the weekend is about here, and with morning sickness pretty much over (for the most part) we are looking at making some plans to get out and do something fun. Hopefully we can get out and find something to do where Princess can show off a bit. She appears to get sexier and sexier each day that passes. I hope we do take the time to take some new pics this weekend, and that way we will have a compilation of new pics for the blog here. I am thinking maybe Sunday we will be start to post newer pics. Since the blog entry is short today (because ALL we have done this week is work so far) I found a video of one of our favorite products. Pastease are really hot nipple covers that seem to be leagal in most states for girls to wear as a top to their bikini... if you have a female in your life and want to buy her something that is SMOKING hot then get a pair or two,and if you are a girl who want to surprise your guy with something totally hot then do the same. Check them out at www.pastease.com and see all the styles. LATE!.. SANDMAN1972

02 October 2006

We are still here... are you guys?

Well we are still alive and kicking, and hoping all of you out there are doing fine. Things have been busy for us with our work commitments and all, so we have had little time for getting out and meeting others or just doing some showing. Princess has started to come around, as afar as being less and less sick with the "morning sickness" and overall is starting to feel better more than hse feels bad. Hopefully this will play into our time management as far as making time to be out and about and do some fun things. We were able to take some time this past weekend and head out to one of our favorite places. It is a kareoke bar in the Springs here and we realy love to go out and watch others perform and Princess took the chance to wear out a newer tube top I bought for her awhile back. It is black, very sexy on her, and pretty see-thru once the light hits it. While there she did see one waitress who she thought was attractive, but told me in a round about way, due to the fact she didn't want me to call her over for a pic with Princess, only because we were not sure how the vibe that particular night would tolerate any showing. Princess did make me a deal to start pointing out other girls in public who she finds attractive so the opporunity for new pics of her with others will be greatly increased. She did surprise me on the way home by dropping the tube top and letting both her goreous breasts out for the entire trip to the house. I absolutely LOVE to see her boobs out when in public. If any of you want to get together in the Springs, then please email us and we can maybe meet out for some good conversation, and Princess has plenty of tops that eithe make her boobs look totally hot as they are squeezed together OR make it extremely easy to look totally down her top and see her incredibly sexy nipples without too much of an effort on your part.

So you all know, Princess has started her 13th week of pregnancy. The pic posted her in today's blog entry is at the point she was, say 10+ weeks pregnant. She is still pretty much like this pic shows. There is VERY LITTLE showing at her belly, and for the most part she has lost weight everywhere else, except of course her boobs. Hopefully as she begins showing, and especially once her boobs start to show it, I can do a better job of documenting the changes. I have got a couple of people emails stating they would love to see her breasts as they start to swell, and especially once her milk comes in and she begins lacatating (Zee Couple.. didn't you ask about the possibility of these pics?). If you guys want to see them then I am sure she won't have a problem with me posting those pics here in the Blog. If there are only a select few wanting to see those pics then I am sure we can make some arrangement to trade some via email. So you guys know, the pic today is the FIRST one we have published showing her in any kind of pregnant state, so any words of encouragement would be great for us so that we know you are enjoying looking as much as we enjoy shwoing. LATE>>> SANDMAN1972