30 October 2006

Is this blog worth reading?

Well it seems like the blog has some newer viewers and it seems more and more people are taking the time to leave comments, which we love to read. Steph of "ZeeCouple" left a great message and said that after seeing Princess enjoying the sets of Pastease she has, that she is now thinking of getting some. All I can say is they are extremely HOT and are sure attemtion getters. Hopefully this coming spring ad summer, after the birth of our daughter, we will be able to hit Boulder Reservoir for some nude tanning and maybe a day or two with Princess in a micro thong and a pair of Pastease. If you go to www.pastease.com you will see tons of pics, and a link to a video and I think you will agree, a pair of pastease alone with jeans, a bikini bottom, shorts, whatever... is hot on just about any chick (although I am very partial to Princess in a pair with her big boobs). And to Zee Couple... thanks for all the kind remarks on Princess' growing boobs. So we got pretty blasted by the blizzard last week. Here in Colorado Springs, we ended up with 2'+ of really wet snow and were basically trapped insid for a day solid. Not a bad way to spend a day though... trapped in the house with a beautiful, pregnant woman. I love my wife and enjo every moment I get to spend with her. I know a lot of people who are married end up kind of doing their own things after awhile, but I could not imagine not spending every free moment I have away from Princess. We have always been extrememly close and always made an effort to try new things, and she has a way of ALWAYS keeping our sex life exciting and HOT. She is truly one of the most sexual women a person could meet. I love how she enjoys showing herself off and how aroused it makes her to know others see her as attractive. We have had fans email us pics of them cumming on her pics, which she seems to be flattered by. I honestly feel like I am married to the sexiest woman in the world. And as I have said many times previous, she just gets hotter and hotter as the pregnancy goes on. Hopefully you all are enjoying the pics of her we post as the weeks clip by, and you are enjoying the progression her body is undergoing with each passing week. We did head out to one of our favorite bars this past Saturday for a little Halloween celebration. I have to say, I honestly can tell you that Princess was the HOTTEST girl in there. She is between 16 and 17 weeks pregannt right now, so the fact she was able to wear the costume she had picked out was impressive enough. I don't think too many women could go as a "schoolgirl" at 16 1/2 weeks pregnant and look as hot as she did. She picked a khaki plaid mini skirt to wear (see pic). Under that, she had bought a hot pair of boy cut panties to wear (also in pic), and did her hair in small pigtails. She also picked up a new pair if knee high white stockings, and paired those with her black school girl shoes. To pull everything together, she opted for a white "wifebeater" tank top. Instead of a bra she chose to go braless and only wear a pair of pastease that were red and in the shape of flames over her nipples. It was truly one of the hottest outfits I have ever seen her wear in public. The fact her skirt was so short, and of course I love ANYTIME she wears ANYTHING that lets others have a good look at her tits, made for a fun time of admiring how hot my wife is. If you guys want, we can see if we can get some pics of the outfit in all its glory to post. Leave comments if you think we should post some pics like that. The last pic of the post is a pic of Princess at 16 weeks, and you can start to see the "baby bump." As I said her body just continues to become more and more gorgeous. We have talked about, and spent some time around the house nude lately. We both think that converting to nudism (at least at home) sounds fun. There are few places to spend time nude in Colorado around others, but home nudity will suffice until we find a place to go I guess right? We both are very much in agreement that nudity will not harm the upbringing of our daughter and we think that it should be something that is not taboo. One couple here did gives us an opinion, but I would like to see what the others think here on the subject of home nudity and families... now keep in mind I am not referring to sex, just home nudity. And to Zee Couple has your home nudity ever caused a problem? How old are your children now? Have they caught you and hubby ever trying to "sneak" some playing in? We would love to hear about your experience with family nudity. So until the next post.... LATE! ... SANDNAM1972


rdhdprvrt said...

Well, I notice that I'm the first to comment, I just stumbled on this blog from S&FF, but I'm also a long time VW'er. I used to hang out there way back when they still had chatrooms and such. I really appreciate the insight into both of your lives, and I really think that you should keep the blog going. I'm not much of a blogger myself, but I really think that you two have a good thing going here. I really look foward to you two documenting Princess's upcoming changes, and I would also like to throw a little comment in for her behalf. As the name shows, I have a "thing" for redheads, but the lovely Princess could definately change my mind!! PLEASE keep the site going!!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have read the blog, and am new to springcouple. My first impression reflects the view that being as a couple you seem very much in love, very well matched and respect each other considerably. This is so refreshing, and I believe essential in a relationship as free as yours.
Reading back some of your thoughts, I am from Europe and having seen many families with their children on nudist beaches growing up, I don't personally believe that simple nudity around children is detrimental to their development, actually probably beneficial. Obviously outlandinsh acts of depravity would be a bit off, but having read a little about you, realise that this is not going to happen. I hope that helps?
It is a shame we have so few places to be nude here in the US, moving here from Europe five years ago was a conservative culture shock as far as nudity on TV and in public is concerned, yet I cannot understand why the sex crime rate here is so high in spite of these measures.
With regards to a third party being respectful and understanding limits, I have been in threesomes with past girlfriends and friends and know that limits have to be set and implied throughout to make the occassion safe and a genuine enjoyable experience. The first time I watched an exgirlfirend have sex with my friend it was with an amazing sense of trust, respect and forfillment. Our sexual endeavours stemmed from mutual attraction, then onto simple nudity, touching and eventually sex. This happened over months and nobody was forced into anything, we all knew it could stop at any time. We progressed to a foursome with his wife and us, and watching my girlfriend attending to his wife is an image I will enjoy for a life-time. I guess my point as far as threesomes etc, in my experience with timing and mutual respect this can be the most incredible experience of your life.

looking at the photos of Princess changing is wonderful, I am now married and wondered how my wife, who has a very similair body, may look during pregnancy. Princess looks, and continues to look amazing throughout. As a couple you are lucky to have each other.
I guess I may capitulate and visit this blog a lot from now on.
I hope I didn't rattle on too much, just was struck by your honest, openess and wonderful relationship. It is good to know that there is people out there who enjoy sex, each other and are willing to share their thoughts for us, Thanks--Tony.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the insightful comment. We look forward to you contributig more comments in the future. Please continue to visit and leave us with suck thought provoked commentary. It is nice to have someone appreciate our efforts so much.