05 October 2006

Looking for some (maybe) showing fun for the weekend.

So the weekend is about here, and with morning sickness pretty much over (for the most part) we are looking at making some plans to get out and do something fun. Hopefully we can get out and find something to do where Princess can show off a bit. She appears to get sexier and sexier each day that passes. I hope we do take the time to take some new pics this weekend, and that way we will have a compilation of new pics for the blog here. I am thinking maybe Sunday we will be start to post newer pics. Since the blog entry is short today (because ALL we have done this week is work so far) I found a video of one of our favorite products. Pastease are really hot nipple covers that seem to be leagal in most states for girls to wear as a top to their bikini... if you have a female in your life and want to buy her something that is SMOKING hot then get a pair or two,and if you are a girl who want to surprise your guy with something totally hot then do the same. Check them out at www.pastease.com and see all the styles. LATE!.. SANDMAN1972

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Quickshadow said...

Man I would love to be a cop who pulls Princes over in a random checkpoint. I don't think I'd be able to get out of my car without holding my flashlight and clipboard to hide my hardon lol.