18 October 2006

New adventure scheduled for Friday!!!

Well thank God, our weeks are getting to come to a close. The great thing is Princess is over her morning sickness and feeling much better. We have made plans to go check out a costume night at one of the bars we like, on the 28th. After thinking about it, we will be going with me as a priest and Princess as a nun (which is funny since she is barely starting to show a pregnancy "bump"). Hopefully we can find a costume that wil also show off her incredible boobs somewhat. I will be sure to grab some pics fo the night for the blog. I know it has been awhile since I have out some recent pics up, but we just have not had time to get any developed to a disc. I am making a run to have them done this weekend so we will have some new ones for you soon, thanks for everyone being patient. Also, I will start putting some new videos in the posts again soon. With the weekend coming we decided for a little fun on Friday. We placed an ad on craigslist.com and asked for people to respond that would like to meet to see Princess' amazing breasts in person. We also stated that masturbating as she got topless was totally cool with us and they were more than welcome to. We instantly got about 20 responses. Luckily one guy in particualr seemed to mesh with us pretty well. He is very respectful of OUR limits (which if any of you guys are ever invited to join a couple, THAT IS THE NUMBER 1 THING TO KEEP IN MIND!). We sent him a couple of pics, and he has said he woudl rent a hotel room for the afternoon. Long story short, we will be heading over to meet him and do some hangin out, all of us nude. The exciting part will be watching the effect the site of her nude body, and her breasts especially will have on him as he grows hard as he becomes aroused, and eventually starts to masturbate. Princess LOVES to know her body arouses men and/or women. As she playes with her niples, I am sure I will get very hard and masturbate also. Who knows, if things are comfortable and everyone is at ease, maybe she will be stroking both cocks at once. Or maybe she will lay back as she has both her nipples sucked at the same time (one if her FAVORITE things to feel). It seems the fact she is pregnant turns a lot of people on. Her breasts are becoming more full and her nipples are gorgeous. This should work out to be a great afternoon of nudity and orgasms. I will be posting a blog entry about how the whole thing goes down, make sure to look for it over the weekend. LATE.... SandMan1972


Quickshadow said...

OMG the pic of her kneeling on the bed is HOT!!! damn, I got a semi just looking at it. Pregnancy definately does her body good. Her boobs and nipples are looking fantastic, along with the rest of her. Well I hope ya'll have fun this weekened. Looking forward to more updates.


Hey guys! Princess, you are looking amazing. I can only imagine the fun you both are gonna have with her boobs during this pregnancy. If she is really sensitive now, she's gonna go crazy later.

Anonymous said...

love the new pics, hope you have a great weekend, nothing like going to your page and seeing those amazing tits