23 October 2006

October 23, 2006

So it seems like the blog here is getting more and more traffic thanks to the people from some of the message boards where we post pics of Princess. In consideration of that I tried to pick out some BRAND NEW pics of Princess to accompany the blog, and instead of posting just one or two pics of her in all her beauty, I decided to post 3 pics that are all new and have never been posted before now. In the first pic on the left she is about 12 weeks along in the pregnancy and in the right hand pic she is about 15 weeks or so. As you can see she grows more and more beautiful with each passing week of the pregnancy. It constantly amazes me how more beautiful she contimues to be. Her beauty is magnified with each little additional symptom I see her show of the new baby. Hopefully you all will enjoy the pics documenting the transition her body is going through. In the picture below she is around 15 weeks also, and the fact she has my favorite pair of Pastease on her nipples makes her that much sexier.

I know a lot of you looked forward to hearing how our meet with the guy from graigslist.com went on Friday. Unfortunately I had some asthma issues that prevented us from meeting with him. The good news in the situation was the guy totally understood and we thought that may be a problem. He is still very interested in meeting with us, which is good because the people we meet through ads who don't creep us out in some way or another are few and far between. The meet is still on, and I can even see if the guy will give us permission to shoot a few pics when it goes down. Sorry for the disaapointment... but you will get all the juicy details when it does go down. I promise.

So the weekend brings Halloween parties and stuff. We are heading out to a favorite bar of ours and doing the costume thing I think. Last time Princess brought it up she was leaning towards the "PIMP/HO" theme for her and I to do, which if we do go as that you KNOW she will be looking amazing.

Anyone who is visiting and reading here, we would love to read comments you leave, or head over to Princess' message board and start a thread... the link is on the right.

I will be back later in the week with more pics of Princess in action.



Reno42 said...

Thanks for the new Blog and update Sandman. Always nice to hear what's new. Too bad about Friday ! , sorry to hear about your asthma, but glad its still on ! Great new pics of Princess !!, she does look very hot....such natural beauty !! Have a great week.

Quickshadow said...

Wowzers.Princess is looking more fantastic every week. Her boobs are definately starting to show some enlargement which is a goooood thing :) And she just radiates sexuality and sensuality. Hope ya'll have a fun Halloween weekend.

Reno42 said...

well I certainly won't disagree with what quickshadow said :) more action shots of you guys together would be awesome !!and yes Princess, even with all her clothes on, radiates a confident sexuality !...

Anonymous said...

You guys are really putting out some nice photos! I can't wait to see more. DJHARDCORE