25 October 2006

We found out.... It's a GIRL

So we found out yesterday we are having a baby girl! We had almost convinced ourselves it would be a boy... there are very few girls on my side of the family. I think when the somnographer informed us we were having a baby girl, Princess and I both were shocked to say the least. We, of course, were hoping on nothing more than a healthy baby, but in the back of our minds we really wanted a girl. Thinggs are working out so well, and I think the news even added to Princess' glow. She is right at 16 weeks as of this past Tuesday, so time seems to be clciking along pretty well for us. Before we know it the baby will be here. That means one by product that is "fun" will be Princess' milk will be in shortly. I can NOT wait to be able to get a TON of pics of her expressing the milk, with shots from her letting the milk dribble out, to ones showing her making her boobs do a full on squirt. She is totally stoked about the idea also. She also has a pic idea and we will see how it goes over. She is tunred on by taking some "creampie" pics. If you don't know what that is, she wants to have me shoot my entire load of cum into her pussy, and then as I pull out once I am squirted all I can, she wants me to take pics of the cum seeping out of her. These should turn out hot due to the fact her pussy looks totally hot, and even more so after we have been having sex, and for the fact I have the ability (I guess blessed in some people's eyes... LOL) to shoot enourmous amounts of cum. Anyone who has anythought ts on these pics, or any pics requests please comment here or over at her Bulletin Board. The second thing on my mind is the fact that Halloween is just a couple days away... well the 27th is, and that is when pretty much all of "ADULT" America will be celebrating it. I LOVE Halloween. I think, withthe exception of Mardi Gras, it is one of the few holidays that bring adults out and gives them an outlet to let down their inhibitions. People seem to feel as they can act a bit naughtier once they are in "costume." Its kinda too bad people don't feel they can be more free and open the rest of the year. So we have went through a few changes as far as what we will dress as. Originally we had chosen a theme of a priest and a pregnant nun. The only problem with that was we wanted Princess to be showing more, in turn adding a great humor factor to it. Well she just isn't showing very much. Next we moved onto the idea of a Pimp and a Ho. Princess has some AMAZINGLY sexy outfits, and mention she would wear a fishnet shirt with only a pair os Pastease under it... which has me hard just thinking about it. Today she is leaning toward a schoolgirl outfit. TOTALLY HOT also. Maybe she can incorporate some Patease or some nipple slips into the top. I love when she shows her tits off. If any of you are dressing for Halloween, then we would love to hear about what you are going as this year. I will be sure to get some pics of Princess all done up and looking hot on Saturday night, so stay tuned for those. Until then.... LATE! Sandman1972

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Reno42 said...

thanks for the update and new pics ! a turnon as usual, just taking a break from masturbating to type up this message for you guys. Would love to see Princess squeezing/squirting out some milk and maybe you milking her as well Sandman :) Thanks for the explanation of the Creampie pics *AWESOME* her pussy is very very inviting so would be nice to see some closeups of it after some hard sex !! I'd love to see more oral pics (how much of Sandman can you take Princess :)) Anal ?? I know thats taboo for some people but what about Sandman and Princess ?? pics of Princess's face as she is cuming !! .....lots more ideas but guess thats enough for now :)

Take care , sweet dreams