15 November 2006

How about this?

Princess Working Her Magic
So with all the traffic we seem to get here, and the othrs who want to keep up with Princess, our fun times, and now the pregnancy, I thought that maybe we can do something that is fun and we can get to know each other a bit more. You all have seen a TON of pics of Princess, and ven me in a few, so now how about we ask to have all of the Princess' fans to send a pic or two of themselves? So here, we go... we have attempted this before and got a less than desireable response, but the group visiting here now seems a bit more interactive. So we are asking you (and hopefully people like RENO42 and ZeeCouple will step up) to email us pics to springscouple2031@yahoo.com that can be used in the blog here. These pics will ONLY be used for this blog, so if you send them it is insinuating that you give us permission to use them in our posts.
Need some picture ideas? Well I can let you know that Princess LOVES it when she gets pics of guys, or girls for that matter, "enjoying" themselves with a copy of her pic OR the computer monitor in the background shwoing her pic on it. It arouses her a lot. Also if youwant, or have the balls to do so, you can send us pics of you cumming on your favorite pic of Princess. If you are a couple and feel comfortable, send us a pic of you two playing... a hand job, blow job, or full on sex are all fine to send. Better yet, send pics that show you with a sign saying something to Princess.
So what do you say guys (and girls)? Let's get some pics sent to us, and we will put one or two up at a time with the posts we do. Enjoy the pics, and I posted a video of some partying at the lake, showing tons of girls in shorts, bikinis, and Pastease... hopefully Princess will have the chance next summer to wear the bikini/Pastease combo or shorts and Pastease. As always, check out www.pastease.com for the cool doesigns... they have tons.

06 November 2006

New pics are here

Her Nipples are now LEAKING!!!!

As promised, I got a few pics done this past weekend, and they came out pretty good considering we do them all with disposable cameras. Over the next few posts you will see just how AMAZINGLY Princess' body is transforming. Her breasts keep getting a bit bigger... she practically can't contain them in her 34 Double D bras. Saturday as Princess was lying in bed and playing with her breasts (something she loves to do) she noticed her nipples were beginning to leak some fluid, or pre-milk. Throughout the day we played with them and enjoyed the sight of the fluid leaking from both her nipples. It is amazing how seeing this makes me instantly hard as a rock. It sems to be just another benefit of the eroticism of her pregnancy.

The first pic in today's post shows Princess holding her big breasts and, if you look closely, you can see the fluid leaking from her nipple. This second pic shows her as she is expressing the fluid from her tit. It is such and incredibly hot sight to see her play with them and arouse herself to the point her nipples leak, almost continuously. I can't imagine how hot it will be when she can squirt milk from them. She gets more and more beautiful and sexy with every day. Hopefully everyone here will enjoy the leaking pics and eventually the milk pics, if not please let us know so we do not post pics you guys don't care to see. The last pic of the post today shows what happened after we sat on the couch playing with her tits until they leaked all over us. Once we got that hot I couldn't take it and needd her to suck me for a bit. She makes it fell so AMAZING when she puts my cock in her mouth. The view I have as she is sitting below me or on her knees as she sucks me, and gazes up with her beautiful blue eyes has to be the most sexual, erotic sight a person could experience. I knew that her pregnancy would be hot and sexy, but I never dreamed it would be as hot as it has grown to be. The transformation her body is making is incredibly arousing and it is unbelievable how her perfect tits have got to be even more arousing with each passing day.

Hopefully you guys are enjoy our pics. I will be getting many more taken, and even thought of doing some public showing if there was an interest. Other than that, sit back and enjoy these pics... let us know what you think and what else you want to see ok?


01 November 2006

Taking in consideration opinions of the readers


So I received a comment here and a few others over at Princess' bulletin board, about if we should continue the blog and/or bulletin board. It seems there are more people than I realized that check in daily, or at least weekly, to read the updates and see Princess' pics. Logically the best thing to do is to keep the blog and BB going, providing you all with a glimpse into our life and adventures. I got a suggestion as to maybe posting daily to the blog, which I did for awhile in the past, but that is very demanding with our schedules, and it didn't seem like people commented ever. I hope to up the frequency of posts to at the least every other day in the very near future.

Pics of Princess will become more frequent also. It has been awhile since we had a large quantity of new pics, and unfortunately, I have had to repost some pics with posts. I will work on getting a bunch together soon, maybe a couple of cameras worth, and in turn you will start to see new pics, never before seen of Princess. It helps to make the effort when we know others are checking in, so comment here ot at the BB when possible. She LOVES to hear what others think and know what they want to see. If you have any requests for ANY certain pic, get them to us and we wil shoot it as soon as we can. She is looking forward to doing the creampie pics, and I would really like to get some pics of me cumming on her tits and face. Other than that we are open to things, pretty much ANYTHING except feces or severe pain.

So everyone is updated, we are at about 17 weeks and one day right now, in the pregnancy. Princess has shown very little, if at all up to this point. It seems that in, literally, the past 3 to 4 days, the "baby bump" is beginning to be more prominent, and she in turn is appearing more erotic than ever before. As we all knew, her breasts are growing, and looking AMAZING. The oly thing better will be when her milk comes in. Hopefully you will all enjoy seeing the pic of her expressing milk from her swollen boobs, and pics of her squirting it into my mouth. As far as any suggestions for pics of her breasts in certain tops or bras, or anything we would love to hear from you all out there. So put your brains to work and come up with a few things for us to shoot for you all.

Thanks for the input and keep it coming so we can always try to improve the sites.