15 November 2006

How about this?

Princess Working Her Magic
So with all the traffic we seem to get here, and the othrs who want to keep up with Princess, our fun times, and now the pregnancy, I thought that maybe we can do something that is fun and we can get to know each other a bit more. You all have seen a TON of pics of Princess, and ven me in a few, so now how about we ask to have all of the Princess' fans to send a pic or two of themselves? So here, we go... we have attempted this before and got a less than desireable response, but the group visiting here now seems a bit more interactive. So we are asking you (and hopefully people like RENO42 and ZeeCouple will step up) to email us pics to springscouple2031@yahoo.com that can be used in the blog here. These pics will ONLY be used for this blog, so if you send them it is insinuating that you give us permission to use them in our posts.
Need some picture ideas? Well I can let you know that Princess LOVES it when she gets pics of guys, or girls for that matter, "enjoying" themselves with a copy of her pic OR the computer monitor in the background shwoing her pic on it. It arouses her a lot. Also if youwant, or have the balls to do so, you can send us pics of you cumming on your favorite pic of Princess. If you are a couple and feel comfortable, send us a pic of you two playing... a hand job, blow job, or full on sex are all fine to send. Better yet, send pics that show you with a sign saying something to Princess.
So what do you say guys (and girls)? Let's get some pics sent to us, and we will put one or two up at a time with the posts we do. Enjoy the pics, and I posted a video of some partying at the lake, showing tons of girls in shorts, bikinis, and Pastease... hopefully Princess will have the chance next summer to wear the bikini/Pastease combo or shorts and Pastease. As always, check out www.pastease.com for the cool doesigns... they have tons.


Reno42 said...

Hi Sandman and Princess;

Thanks for the update , I put a post on the Bulletin Board as well, but just wanted to say great pics again and it was cool, exciting and arousing to see my handle (Reno42) in your Blog !! COOL !! thanks ! I will try and reciprocate the favour by sending you some pics in the next day or so, I sent you a pic previously a few weeks ago and would appreciate if that pic was not used , but if you like any of these new pics you may post those on your blog. awesome bj and boob pic Princess, would love to get my hands and mouth around those boobs and nipples, and would love to watch you give Sandman a BJ !!, and an awesome load Sandman, great looking cock !!


Anonymous said...

Hey y'all!
HAven't been around for some time due to health issues with our family and the holidays. Hope Princess is progessing and doing well and that you both are in good health and enjoying the different stages of the pregnancy. There are many virtures and pleasures this event brings for you both including the sexual joys it can heighten! I noticed that it has been some time since your last update and I hope to see something exciting and erotic in the near future! Hubby and I are looking forward to the pleasures your updates brings us after reading, seeing your escapades and remebering the erotic fun we had during that time as well!

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday
Steph Zee