06 November 2006

New pics are here

Her Nipples are now LEAKING!!!!

As promised, I got a few pics done this past weekend, and they came out pretty good considering we do them all with disposable cameras. Over the next few posts you will see just how AMAZINGLY Princess' body is transforming. Her breasts keep getting a bit bigger... she practically can't contain them in her 34 Double D bras. Saturday as Princess was lying in bed and playing with her breasts (something she loves to do) she noticed her nipples were beginning to leak some fluid, or pre-milk. Throughout the day we played with them and enjoyed the sight of the fluid leaking from both her nipples. It is amazing how seeing this makes me instantly hard as a rock. It sems to be just another benefit of the eroticism of her pregnancy.

The first pic in today's post shows Princess holding her big breasts and, if you look closely, you can see the fluid leaking from her nipple. This second pic shows her as she is expressing the fluid from her tit. It is such and incredibly hot sight to see her play with them and arouse herself to the point her nipples leak, almost continuously. I can't imagine how hot it will be when she can squirt milk from them. She gets more and more beautiful and sexy with every day. Hopefully everyone here will enjoy the leaking pics and eventually the milk pics, if not please let us know so we do not post pics you guys don't care to see. The last pic of the post today shows what happened after we sat on the couch playing with her tits until they leaked all over us. Once we got that hot I couldn't take it and needd her to suck me for a bit. She makes it fell so AMAZING when she puts my cock in her mouth. The view I have as she is sitting below me or on her knees as she sucks me, and gazes up with her beautiful blue eyes has to be the most sexual, erotic sight a person could experience. I knew that her pregnancy would be hot and sexy, but I never dreamed it would be as hot as it has grown to be. The transformation her body is making is incredibly arousing and it is unbelievable how her perfect tits have got to be even more arousing with each passing day.

Hopefully you guys are enjoy our pics. I will be getting many more taken, and even thought of doing some public showing if there was an interest. Other than that, sit back and enjoy these pics... let us know what you think and what else you want to see ok?



Zee_Couple said...

Sandman and Princess, Word cannot describe the joy and pleasure I feel at what you two will discover as a new and heightened sexual plasure for both of you! I know that when I started to leak and express, it was a constant turn-on for hubby & myself! It lead to some of the most erotic and fantastic sexual experiences I can recall and I get very aroused at imagining the pleasures and sex that you two will enjoy! I regret that I am not as open to being seen as much as Princess but I also remember the desire to share my swollen breasts and the pleasure they brought me with another woman and my hubby sexually. It was a fantastic sexual frenzy that I wish we could relive!
I thank you for sharing this event with us and I hope that you can enjoy all the benefits sexually that this event in life brings you! I know that I enjoyed sharing the taste of my "milk" along with the taste of hubbys cock and the feeling of both of us licking and suckling the engorged nipples nearly sent me into a constant orgasmn! I have to go now as the remeberance of this is making me so damn horny, I need to take care of myself until hubby cums home! Can't wait to share this with him! I look forward to your next installment! Kisses, Steph

Quickshadow said...

OMG she is looking so damned hot...

Reno42 said...

Thanks for the latest Pics Sandman and Princess, just wondering what it must feel like to touch squeeze and suck on Princess's beautiful breasts !! a definate turnon, I am stroking my cock as I am typing this !!...makes typing alittle difficult. The last pic of Princess sucking your cock is AWESOME !!, looks like she is really sucking hard !!?, how does that feel ??, and yes she does have very sensual blue eyes !!!.....think I'll go concentrate on stroking my cock now as I look at your bj pic !!! thanks again guys !!

Anonymous said...

The new photos are amazing as they should be with such an attractive subject. I cannot believe those breasts are getting bigger.
I guess you both have exciting times ahead, and hopefully we will get to hear all about it.