01 November 2006

Taking in consideration opinions of the readers


So I received a comment here and a few others over at Princess' bulletin board, about if we should continue the blog and/or bulletin board. It seems there are more people than I realized that check in daily, or at least weekly, to read the updates and see Princess' pics. Logically the best thing to do is to keep the blog and BB going, providing you all with a glimpse into our life and adventures. I got a suggestion as to maybe posting daily to the blog, which I did for awhile in the past, but that is very demanding with our schedules, and it didn't seem like people commented ever. I hope to up the frequency of posts to at the least every other day in the very near future.

Pics of Princess will become more frequent also. It has been awhile since we had a large quantity of new pics, and unfortunately, I have had to repost some pics with posts. I will work on getting a bunch together soon, maybe a couple of cameras worth, and in turn you will start to see new pics, never before seen of Princess. It helps to make the effort when we know others are checking in, so comment here ot at the BB when possible. She LOVES to hear what others think and know what they want to see. If you have any requests for ANY certain pic, get them to us and we wil shoot it as soon as we can. She is looking forward to doing the creampie pics, and I would really like to get some pics of me cumming on her tits and face. Other than that we are open to things, pretty much ANYTHING except feces or severe pain.

So everyone is updated, we are at about 17 weeks and one day right now, in the pregnancy. Princess has shown very little, if at all up to this point. It seems that in, literally, the past 3 to 4 days, the "baby bump" is beginning to be more prominent, and she in turn is appearing more erotic than ever before. As we all knew, her breasts are growing, and looking AMAZING. The oly thing better will be when her milk comes in. Hopefully you will all enjoy seeing the pic of her expressing milk from her swollen boobs, and pics of her squirting it into my mouth. As far as any suggestions for pics of her breasts in certain tops or bras, or anything we would love to hear from you all out there. So put your brains to work and come up with a few things for us to shoot for you all.

Thanks for the input and keep it coming so we can always try to improve the sites.



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Reno42 said...

Hi There;

Thanks for the latest update, always nice to hear whats new in your part of the world !, even if we don't respond to our posts they are always appreciated. I know its alot of work for you guys to keep these pages updated and post your pics on the Net, and I'm sure it can be frustrating and disappointing when people don't comment or post messages. Can't wait to see more pics of Princess allows people like me from around the world to fantasize about being with such an attractive sexy woman !!