19 December 2006

Princess Interview in the works....

Get your questions in for the Princess Interview '07
So the first order of business for this long awaited update to the blog is that I'm working on a '07 Princess 34DD Interview. Hopefully it will be a way for the fans of Princess to get to know her a bit better through questions they wonder about her. If you would like, please send us between one and five questions that you would like for Princess to answer. You may either post the questions over at her Bulletin Board (http://members6.boardhost.com/Princess34dd/) or you may email the questions to us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com and we can pull them from there. So don't be afraid to ask whatever it is you've always wanted to know about Princess. If we can get 25, or so, questions together, I plan on posting the interview here, along with new pregnancy pics, the first or second week of January.

Speaking of our pregnancy... things are going fantastically. We are into week 24 of the journey and both baby (as far as we know) and MILF-to-be are healthy. Princess is becoming more and more sexy with each passing day. Her breasts have grown to a size that is not too large, and still sexy. It is amazing how they leak colostrum as she becomes aroused sexually. I find that most people are surprised by the fact she is 24 weeks along. She doesn't seem to be showing as a lot of women do at this point a pregnancy. She grows more and more sexual (if that is possible), which we have heard is is very common with pregnancy. The only thing we have fallen behind is the fact I've lacked in the area of keeping up with taking weekly pictures of her belly and breasts. We are trying to capture every bit of the transformation that her body is going through. In addition to pics, we hope to have a belly cast made of Princess' body at around 35-37 weeks. If there seems to be some interest in the process, we may take pics to be posted of that process. If you'd like to see those, please let us know so we can understand there is some sort of demand for that.
I've considered changing the format of the Bulletin Board. As you know, its a pretty simple set up now. I'm considering buying some of the VBulletin software to use on the buuletin board, which will allow users to post pics and we can break the board down into different subjects. In addition to that we're going to be buying a digital camera in the near future... welcome to the 21st century huh? LOL... I guess its easy to justify the minimal expense on a digi cam since there is an obvious following of my beautiful, sexy wife. I have to say, I can't blame others, either women or men, for wanting to see pics of Princess nude and playing. Once spring arrives this year I'm sure we'll be back to shooting some outdoor pics and hopefully will be able to put some great shoots together, maybe even some of her fans will be lucky enough to be in ome of her flashing pics and such. The trip to the nude beach up at the Boulder Reservoir is still on our list of things to do, and one of the gentlemans' clubs was bought by PT's, which is a club in Denver that has a stage and dance floor where the female patron are allowed to doance topless on each. It was a favorite place of Princess and hopefully the new club here in Co Springs will develop the same type of deal. And, or course, after the birth of our baby girl, and Princess is back on her feet, we'll be making more trips to Mon Chalet in Denver and posting our trip reports here. Its going to be a fun year... stay tuned and as always we'd love to hear from you all.....

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