14 December 2006

We're sorry...

New Blog Posts Are On The Way!
I apologize for the fact the blog posts have been non existent, but with the pregnancy and the holidays (in addition to our normal hectic schedules) it has been difficult to post. I'm working ongathering new pics of Princess... she is looking amazing as she is showing now and growing through the pregnancy (we're @ 23 weeks and counting), so please check back soon. I will be posting new stuff in the near future. Once again, we apologize!!!

1 comment:

Zee Couple said...

Glad to hear all is well! I figured with the holidays and the weather, things were busy back there! Hubby loved the new picture! He says it would be fun to see Princess and I both on your shaft at the same time! The horny devil also commented on how it would be great if we were pregnant again at the same time so we could all share in Princess and I both having milky sex with you two stiff dicked guys!HMmmnnnn! I must say the idea does arouse me and makes me wet thinking how I could suckle on her engourged boobs while she does the same to me and we both have milk overflowing our faces while our hands are buried deep inside eachothers sex! Ummmnn!!! Gotta Go! I'm getting much to WET and Horny!