11 March 2007

... it's about time, and there is some new stuff in the works!

Princess Returns!!!
Well, it's been wild, crazy and busy around here for a few weeks. Princess is now at about 36 weeks, and the pregnancy is coming along well. We're sorry for such a long absence in posting, but getting a nursery ready, keeping up with work, family commitments, and just life has had us incredibly busy. We've been so tied up that we haven't even had time for some picture sessions... but the opening pic was taken just on March 9th, this past week, so it is a fresh one. Hopefully we can have some time for some new pics since we've had some changes to our schedule lately that may provide more free time for us.
With time being so scarce, we haven't had the chance to do anything more than our normal incredible sex life. The pregnancy has cut down on our time "in the game" as far as letting someone watch us play, a trip to the adult hotel in Denver, or getting out for Princess to show off her INCREDIBLE tits. Since she is already looking forward to getting back in her "old" clothes as opposed to her current maternity wardrobe.
We have come across some fun new things for us. We have recently started using HELLO to trade pics and chat with others as we do. If you use HELLO, feel free to add us, we go by the name "springscouple." We also recently joined RedClouds.com and have had a lot of fun posting to the bulletin boards and Princess has a couple contributions coming out at VoyeurWeb.cm and RedClouds.com so if you don't hit thise sites check them out and look for her. One of the more exciting things we have in the works is that we were contacted by www.edenfantasys.com and asked to be "testers" for sex toys. Of course, this was right up our alley and we agreed. You'll shortly be seeing posts when we receive toys from them, use them and review them. The great part for you guys is that we'll also post pics of the toys being used... so you win also.
We hope you all are well and hope you still hit our spot here to see what is up with us. Summer is coming and we have some pretty big plans for oursleves. We're going to be heading to the Reservoir to try the nude beach area, plenty of Princess showing will be on the agenda, and we'll be headed to the adult hotel in Denver to see if we can fulfill a fnatasy of Princess masturbating poolside as a group of 5 or so guys all jack off over her... it will be HOT! Comment the blog here and let us know what is on your minds....


Anonymous said...

I want to see more pictures!

D said...

I love the newest pic of Princess, she looks incredibly hat with cum on her face and tongue.