19 March 2007

Pregnancy coming to an end

It's almost over now!!!
OK, so we will be at 37 weeks tomorrow... it's hard to believe that the pregnancy is almost over. We have been super busy... hospital tours, birthing classes, and (the pic is from last night) Princess had a belly cast made. It was really cool. We went to a girl's house who had Princess get topless and then made an awesome cast of Princess' pregnant form. The end product is cool and will be something we can look back on for a long time and remember how she looked when she was 8.5 mos pregnant.
With the end of the pregnancy Princess will be back to wearing her hot outfits. I know that our readers love her low cut jeans and fitted t-shirts as much as I do... only I get to see her everyday dressed like that. She is excited to be back in her old clothes, and talks about hitting the gym a lot. The chances that she'll be even hotter than her pre-pregnancy form are astronomical... if that is possible. She has big plans to get into shape. Now I'm sure most of you are like me and see NOTHING wrong with Princess, but I know she will be even more fun and put on even better shows at PT's and Mon Chalet if she is comfortable with how she looks. She is probably the most sexual woman you could ever meet, and I think some of you can pick up on that through her pics. I can say that I think the pics she'll d once recovered from pregnancy will most likely be the hottest she's done.
I picked some recent pics for you guys today... the opening pic, like I said was from last night (03.18.07) as her belly cast was made. The middle pic, Princess took for me about a week ago and emailed it ot me at work. Her tits have got biiger and become even more amazing. We have heard from some of you requestion lactation pics.... we'll as soon as her real milk (just colostrum now) comes in, we'll be posting pics of her milky boobs for you all. The last pic is of a great facial I gave Princess last week... the results were quite good we think. Let us kno what you guys think about the pics ok? Keep checking the blog here... Princess is going to start posting links to a site she will be reviewing sex toys for... it is sure to be hot!
Also, we have a list of fantasies we want to do this summer... one is to go to the adult hotel in Denver ~ the Mon Chalet ~ and have Princess masturbate poolside while a group of 5 or so guys jack off around her and eventually cum on her. If you want to be one of those 5 guys you need to email us at springscouple20031@yahoo.com or comment here with a means of contact so we can get to know you a bit. No sex with Princess will be allowed, but plenty of playing, It won't be until Julyish so you need to start trying to let us meet you and get to know you now.
Until next time...

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cafuandkaka said...

WOAH! Those are some excellent pics. thanks :)