20 June 2007

Summer is here, which means GREAT pics are on the way!

Summer s finally here, and I am totally psyched about that fact. Summer means one thing that I totally LOVE. The warmer weather and sunshine mean that Princess is wearing more form fitting clothes. Finally, the fleece jackets, sweaters, and bigger, clothe needed t keep warm (especially this past winter) are put away for a few months. She's pulled out the form-fitting t-shirts, wife-beaters, and tops that show off her hot tits. Also, wearing these tops makes it a lot easier to see how nice her ass looks in her jean. With the warmer weather comes time spent outside getting sun and loving not being couped up indoors for a few months. Hopefully we'll be able to head up to the Boulder Reservoir, and check out the nude area in the near future, and you can be assured we'll be taking pics to show you all how much fun we have. The thought of Princess out in the sun, around the water, shwoing off her incredible body is enough to get me hard in my pants thinking of how hot the pics and she would be to see. It is always a lot of fun and a huge turn-on for us to be anywhere that she is able to be topless or nude, and see the reaction that guys (and some girls) have to her huge tits. We love for others to admire her tits, especially if the sight arouses them. Hopefully we can get out and get naked up at the reservoir, do some pics with Princess is a tiny, micro-thong and a set of Pastease, and progressto the point she is naked and maybe even playing with her favorite vibe outdoors. In the spirit of the pics to come, and to provide you with a little tease of Princess in the outdoors, I chose today's second pic to tempt you a bit. We took this pic this past weekend as we took some time to chill out on our patio and enjoy the sun. Princess is not one to shy away from a chance to show her magnificently hot tits when asked to do so, and I'm no one to miss a chance to ask for a view of them. To totally appreciate the pic, you have to understand our patio is only about 50% enclosed, and totally open to a moderately busy street hat is just behind her in the pic. The great thing is that anyone who happens to be driving by, and is lucky enough to glance our way, is treated to a view of Princess' tits. The great thing about Colorado is that it's not illegal for a woman to be topless as long as it's not for thesexual gratificationof others (ok, whatever), so there uis a chance we can get some pics of Princess totally topless out on the patio, maybe this coming weekend. I'll see what I can do about getting a few shots of that. I want to say "thanks" to all of Princess' fans who are still visiting and to new fans who have found our blog. Hopefully you guys enjoy what we do here and look forward to all of our posts. As always, I ask you guys that if you have any requests to email them to us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com of post a comment here letting us know what you want to see. We love to hear from you guys, so if you just have a quick blurb for us, we like to hear that to. Post comments, we read each and every one of them. Also, today's closing pic is one that a fan of Princess did forus using Photo Shop. We LOVE to see what her fans come up with using her pics and Photo Shop. If you want to give us a glimpse of what you can come up with, email us and we'll send you a pic to do your magic with. That's all that's going down from Camp Princess here. You guys check in, lt us know what's happening... until next time, LATE! Sandman1972

13 June 2007

Princess has NEW pics

Well its been a little while since we had the chance to do a new set of pics. With life, the baby, work, etc. we've had a hard time making time for new pics. Since we're getting in a groove with our new daughter, and our life together is finding a nice "routine," we have had the chance to do some new pics. Keep an eye out here for the new set (the blog pics for today are part of that set) and we have a handful of new outdoor pics taken as Princess got some sun tis past weekend, and took the chance to flash her gorgeous tits for her fans. We may be doing even more new pics tonight, and are busy as I write this trying to conceive a new outfit for the set. We love to take pics to post, and show Princess off, and hopefully her fun nature and "innocent, yet vixen" attitude is apparent in the pics. She is definately one of the hottest, most fun chicks you could meet, and as you can tell, quite the exhibitionist. I think you guys will find these pics as hot I thought they were as I was shooting them. I almost feel bad in the fact I'm a very amatuer photographer, and probably don't even come close to doing justice to how beautiful and sexy Princess actually is. If anyone out there has any tips on shooting pics of a HOT model, then please fell free to send them my way. If you guys aren't using Hello (download it at www.hello.com) then you should check it out. Its a pretty cool chat / picture sharing program. We use it (username = springscouple) and love to chat with others and show Princess off. I was on there this past weekend and ran across a couple of Princess' fans. Props go out to Derek and is gf Sarah. Derek was cool to chat with and waste some time Saturday, and relayed to me his gf (Sarah) is a big fan of Princess. It was a nice to hear that Princess has even acquired some female fans... I'm theorizing that Sarah is not the only female fan of Princess out there. So I just had an epiphany... let's see if we can get all Princess' fans to comment here and check in... both male & female. Then we can see who all is checking out the Princess. Other than that... just livin' the dream here. If you guys have comments PLEASE leave them here OR over at our message board. Until next time... LATE! Sandman1972

07 June 2007

Lovin the comments

Many of you are commented on our posts and the first few new pics. It seems, much of you are like me in the factyou love Princess' new hair color. Its definately hot. I'm glad you guys have stuck around and are trying to keep up to date on what we are up to. Summer is fast approaching and the temps are climbing.... hopefully that means we can get outdoors, naked, and get some pics of Princess showing her incredible tits. If you remember from last summmer's pics, I'm a HUGE fan of pastease (check them out @ www.pastease.com). They are a hot product, and the Princess looks AMAZING in them. I posted two brand new pics for you guys today. The opening pic is one of our best I think. It has a cool feel to it, and Princess' expression is kinda sultry. She has the most amazing sexy expressions and most liekly doesn't even know it. The second pic today is from that same day, and shows Princess leaning over to squirt milk form her engorged tits onto my cock as I start to get hard. I will try to remember the next time her boobs get fully engorged. It is one of the hottest things you will ever see. Thanks for all the requests. Keep them coming and we'll try to get to them as quickly as possible. We will be out and about in Co Springs and Denver this summer, so you never know when you can catch a glimpse of Princess.

04 June 2007

Getting back to blogging

So we seem to have received more comments on the first post back to the blog than I imagined we would. Its nice to know that we still have fans floating around out there, and hopefully we can add to the number of you that check in on our little blog here. Amazingly (at least to me) people have been nothing, but understanding about our lengthy absence. I figured everyone would have moved on, and lost hope in us posting more pics, vids, or tales of our fun times. It seems Princess' fans are hardcore, and will wait as long as needed to see new pics of her. As you saw in the pic from the last post (and the second one of today's post - the first pic is one of her at about 8.5 mos pregnant) she has a new hair color. I think it is H-O-T, and it seems fans of her pics feel the same way. So far, we have only taken a few pics of her with the new RED, but I'm sure more are on the way. If you guys like the look, then leave comment and let her know. She LOVES to hear the comments from her fans, especially if the way she looks turns you on, which in turn... turns her on. We received a number of comments wanting more vids. We are, by now means, pros at editing vids and all, but we will be posting new vids here soon. I took some INCREDIBLE vid of Princess masturbating last night. The video is lengthy, and the end has some footage of me jackng off and cuming for Princess, so I have to figure out how to cut just the footage of her cumming out of the 11+ mins of footage. If you guys have any suggestions/help then please let me know. Hopefully you guys will look forward to our posts and pics/vids. We love to give you guys a glimpse into just how hot Princess is and provide you with the materials to help you "entertain" yourself. If there is something you want to see more of... lactation, ass pics, pussy pics, BJ's, cum shots, etc... then please leave comments and let us know. We'll do our best to get to pic request. Keep in mind we have a couple limits.... no feces pics, no pain, but other than that send us whatever you want to see. We're pretty open and won't say "no" to much. We are still in need of pics of fans of Princess "using" her pics, so if oyu have any of those, then please email them to us. If you don't want them published on the blog, then no problem, we won't use them. We just like to see others who enjoy her pics. So until the next time we post here..... Late!!! Sandman1972

02 June 2007

Princess returns with a NEW look

After an extended absence from posting, we have returned to see if any of our fans are still vivisting the blog. We took some time off from posting to have our baby, and to get in the groove of life. Now that our life is calming down we're going to try and post more often with pics and vids and stories of our fun times. Hopefully those of you have been fans of our blog, will cintinue to visit, and if you're new to the page, take some time to hit the archives... hot pics and some hot stories. We have stayed active with pics on the Redclouds Bulletin Boards, and if you dont belong to Redclouds, we highly recommend it. Its cheap (I think $24/year) and the content is all (well 99.9%) amatuer. I think its well worth the money. Like I said, we have been real busy. Life has been non-stop. We have been able to look towards summr and make a "wishlist" of things we wan to do. I can see a trip or two to PT's Showclub up in Denver so that Princess has the opportunity to have a few drinks, and then enjoy herself on the amatuer stage, showing her incredible breasts off. I think we'll beable to make time for a couple trips to Mon Chalet in Denver. If you don't know what that is, and have not had the chance to search our archives for our trip report to MC, well he easiest way to describe it that Mon Chalet is an "adult" motel in Denver. They have rooms geared for sex, with porn channels, waterbeds, plenty of mirrors and sex chairs/swings. We haven't been to the rooms yet, but we do like to go up there for an evening in their pool/hot tub area. That area is clothing optional (although 90% of the people are nude) and sex and masturbation are allowed and encouraged. We LOVE to go up and play in the pool and on the pool deck as othrs watch us. If you track down the trip report you can even read about our last time there, in which Princess had the opportunity to play with another woman. Pretty HOT! We also plan to spend a day up at the Boulder reservoir. We havebeeninformed there is a nude area there, and we plan on finding out. I can just imagine how hot of a time ti will be with Princess totally naked outside and others admiring her. So we're back. We have plenty of stuff planned this summer, and Princess always comes through finding ways to get herself involved in some hot situations. Hopfully there are still some of you who have been looking for new posts here and will continue to enjoy reading of our hot times. If you guys have any questions, or any suggestions (as to pic sets you want to see or fun things you know we can try and do), then PLEASE let us know. We love hearing from those of you who are fans of Princess and love to read about the effect she has on each of you. So its good to be back. Please leave comments here and you can alwys email us at: springscouple2031@yahoo.com and please email us any time with any comment you may have. Until next time.... Late! Sandman1972