04 June 2007

Getting back to blogging

So we seem to have received more comments on the first post back to the blog than I imagined we would. Its nice to know that we still have fans floating around out there, and hopefully we can add to the number of you that check in on our little blog here. Amazingly (at least to me) people have been nothing, but understanding about our lengthy absence. I figured everyone would have moved on, and lost hope in us posting more pics, vids, or tales of our fun times. It seems Princess' fans are hardcore, and will wait as long as needed to see new pics of her. As you saw in the pic from the last post (and the second one of today's post - the first pic is one of her at about 8.5 mos pregnant) she has a new hair color. I think it is H-O-T, and it seems fans of her pics feel the same way. So far, we have only taken a few pics of her with the new RED, but I'm sure more are on the way. If you guys like the look, then leave comment and let her know. She LOVES to hear the comments from her fans, especially if the way she looks turns you on, which in turn... turns her on. We received a number of comments wanting more vids. We are, by now means, pros at editing vids and all, but we will be posting new vids here soon. I took some INCREDIBLE vid of Princess masturbating last night. The video is lengthy, and the end has some footage of me jackng off and cuming for Princess, so I have to figure out how to cut just the footage of her cumming out of the 11+ mins of footage. If you guys have any suggestions/help then please let me know. Hopefully you guys will look forward to our posts and pics/vids. We love to give you guys a glimpse into just how hot Princess is and provide you with the materials to help you "entertain" yourself. If there is something you want to see more of... lactation, ass pics, pussy pics, BJ's, cum shots, etc... then please leave comments and let us know. We'll do our best to get to pic request. Keep in mind we have a couple limits.... no feces pics, no pain, but other than that send us whatever you want to see. We're pretty open and won't say "no" to much. We are still in need of pics of fans of Princess "using" her pics, so if oyu have any of those, then please email them to us. If you don't want them published on the blog, then no problem, we won't use them. We just like to see others who enjoy her pics. So until the next time we post here..... Late!!! Sandman1972


Kevin said...

OMG!!! Awesome, simply awesome! I can't tell which I like better, but I definitely think the red look is getting my "full" attention. She definitely fits a redhead> Anyways, looking forward to more from ya'll!

cafuandkaka said...

Princess sure does look hot in that new hair colour. The pic also makes her look extremely sultry and sexy.

There isn't much else to say really, besides congrats on the baby, and I hope you keep posting more pics/ vids of princess, as I can't get enough of them.