07 June 2007

Lovin the comments

Many of you are commented on our posts and the first few new pics. It seems, much of you are like me in the factyou love Princess' new hair color. Its definately hot. I'm glad you guys have stuck around and are trying to keep up to date on what we are up to. Summer is fast approaching and the temps are climbing.... hopefully that means we can get outdoors, naked, and get some pics of Princess showing her incredible tits. If you remember from last summmer's pics, I'm a HUGE fan of pastease (check them out @ www.pastease.com). They are a hot product, and the Princess looks AMAZING in them. I posted two brand new pics for you guys today. The opening pic is one of our best I think. It has a cool feel to it, and Princess' expression is kinda sultry. She has the most amazing sexy expressions and most liekly doesn't even know it. The second pic today is from that same day, and shows Princess leaning over to squirt milk form her engorged tits onto my cock as I start to get hard. I will try to remember the next time her boobs get fully engorged. It is one of the hottest things you will ever see. Thanks for all the requests. Keep them coming and we'll try to get to them as quickly as possible. We will be out and about in Co Springs and Denver this summer, so you never know when you can catch a glimpse of Princess.


Kevin said...

WOW! Princess is looking fan-tit-astic!

Anonymous said...

shes amazing. you guys are great and thanks for sharing.
we love you.
michelle and damien

cafuandkaka said...

Loving the second photo!

I'm sure the first one was brilliant, but it's a bit difficult to see as the exposure has been set incorrectly. Princess has become too dark, so it's hard to make out her sultry expression. Don't you guys have a digital camera?

Anonymous said...

Princess is just amazing. You guys are great. I need to get to Colorado Springs!!!!