13 June 2007

Princess has NEW pics

Well its been a little while since we had the chance to do a new set of pics. With life, the baby, work, etc. we've had a hard time making time for new pics. Since we're getting in a groove with our new daughter, and our life together is finding a nice "routine," we have had the chance to do some new pics. Keep an eye out here for the new set (the blog pics for today are part of that set) and we have a handful of new outdoor pics taken as Princess got some sun tis past weekend, and took the chance to flash her gorgeous tits for her fans. We may be doing even more new pics tonight, and are busy as I write this trying to conceive a new outfit for the set. We love to take pics to post, and show Princess off, and hopefully her fun nature and "innocent, yet vixen" attitude is apparent in the pics. She is definately one of the hottest, most fun chicks you could meet, and as you can tell, quite the exhibitionist. I think you guys will find these pics as hot I thought they were as I was shooting them. I almost feel bad in the fact I'm a very amatuer photographer, and probably don't even come close to doing justice to how beautiful and sexy Princess actually is. If anyone out there has any tips on shooting pics of a HOT model, then please fell free to send them my way. If you guys aren't using Hello (download it at www.hello.com) then you should check it out. Its a pretty cool chat / picture sharing program. We use it (username = springscouple) and love to chat with others and show Princess off. I was on there this past weekend and ran across a couple of Princess' fans. Props go out to Derek and is gf Sarah. Derek was cool to chat with and waste some time Saturday, and relayed to me his gf (Sarah) is a big fan of Princess. It was a nice to hear that Princess has even acquired some female fans... I'm theorizing that Sarah is not the only female fan of Princess out there. So I just had an epiphany... let's see if we can get all Princess' fans to comment here and check in... both male & female. Then we can see who all is checking out the Princess. Other than that... just livin' the dream here. If you guys have comments PLEASE leave them here OR over at our message board. Until next time... LATE! Sandman1972


Damien & Michelle said...

fantastic stuff ...as always

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of her tits. Just can't get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pics!


Overcast said...

Damn! What great pics - love the new look!

And congrats on the wee 'un!


Hans and Kirsten said...

Glad to see you two back, and specially happy to see those new look boobs. ;-)