20 June 2007

Summer is here, which means GREAT pics are on the way!

Summer s finally here, and I am totally psyched about that fact. Summer means one thing that I totally LOVE. The warmer weather and sunshine mean that Princess is wearing more form fitting clothes. Finally, the fleece jackets, sweaters, and bigger, clothe needed t keep warm (especially this past winter) are put away for a few months. She's pulled out the form-fitting t-shirts, wife-beaters, and tops that show off her hot tits. Also, wearing these tops makes it a lot easier to see how nice her ass looks in her jean. With the warmer weather comes time spent outside getting sun and loving not being couped up indoors for a few months. Hopefully we'll be able to head up to the Boulder Reservoir, and check out the nude area in the near future, and you can be assured we'll be taking pics to show you all how much fun we have. The thought of Princess out in the sun, around the water, shwoing off her incredible body is enough to get me hard in my pants thinking of how hot the pics and she would be to see. It is always a lot of fun and a huge turn-on for us to be anywhere that she is able to be topless or nude, and see the reaction that guys (and some girls) have to her huge tits. We love for others to admire her tits, especially if the sight arouses them. Hopefully we can get out and get naked up at the reservoir, do some pics with Princess is a tiny, micro-thong and a set of Pastease, and progressto the point she is naked and maybe even playing with her favorite vibe outdoors. In the spirit of the pics to come, and to provide you with a little tease of Princess in the outdoors, I chose today's second pic to tempt you a bit. We took this pic this past weekend as we took some time to chill out on our patio and enjoy the sun. Princess is not one to shy away from a chance to show her magnificently hot tits when asked to do so, and I'm no one to miss a chance to ask for a view of them. To totally appreciate the pic, you have to understand our patio is only about 50% enclosed, and totally open to a moderately busy street hat is just behind her in the pic. The great thing is that anyone who happens to be driving by, and is lucky enough to glance our way, is treated to a view of Princess' tits. The great thing about Colorado is that it's not illegal for a woman to be topless as long as it's not for thesexual gratificationof others (ok, whatever), so there uis a chance we can get some pics of Princess totally topless out on the patio, maybe this coming weekend. I'll see what I can do about getting a few shots of that. I want to say "thanks" to all of Princess' fans who are still visiting and to new fans who have found our blog. Hopefully you guys enjoy what we do here and look forward to all of our posts. As always, I ask you guys that if you have any requests to email them to us at springscouple2031@yahoo.com of post a comment here letting us know what you want to see. We love to hear from you guys, so if you just have a quick blurb for us, we like to hear that to. Post comments, we read each and every one of them. Also, today's closing pic is one that a fan of Princess did forus using Photo Shop. We LOVE to see what her fans come up with using her pics and Photo Shop. If you want to give us a glimpse of what you can come up with, email us and we'll send you a pic to do your magic with. That's all that's going down from Camp Princess here. You guys check in, lt us know what's happening... until next time, LATE! Sandman1972


Anonymous said...

More more more! Keep those luscious tits out now that summer is here!

cafuandkaka said...

The pair of you really do spoil us :D Every picture is brilliant.

Keep 'em coming please.

Anonymous said...

Looking good princess! Take it easy!