24 July 2007

New summer pics and a vid in the works????

ATTENTION: Princess34dd has changed her ID name for the internet! She is now posting pics, and info under the name "Milf34dd." This change is die to some bashing remarks she received from others jealous of her on a Bulletin Board, but sh is still the same sexy girl you have come to love to look at. Sorry for any confusion associated with this.
Well summer is going great.... weather is warm, Princess is looking very hot, and to be honest looks much better than most women who had a baby going on 14 weeks ago. We have been busy with work, and the kids, but have squuezed in some time to do some new pics here and there. The pics that depict her leaking milk (or the one occasson we were lucky enough to catch her actually squirting milk) seem to be a hit with fans. We will keep grappingshots of that as much as possible. And as hot as it is in pics, you an not imagine how erotic it is to nurse milk from her as I jack my cock. One of the hottest things I have ever experienced.
Princess (whow also posts nder the name "Milf34dd" at Redlouds) had a really good contributon to the RedClouds site earlier this month. if you don't belong to RedClouds, we suggst you join. One of the coolest sites for ams on the net, and they have a great Bulletin Board system, where we post to often as wel. Its like 25 bones for an entire year! You can't beat that.
We try to send contributions in to RC when we think we have a theme of pics together that others will enjoy. The last oes had Princess / Milf in a HOT clubbing outfit and ended showing her fingering her hot ussy and some nice milk pics. We have posted a few of those pics here, but the ones submitted were even hotter. If you are already an RC fan, send us a shout out through comments here. We love to hear form you guys. If not... like I said, you should join. Probably our favorite site.
I think its time for us to do a new vid to post. It seems like you guys loved the oral vids. I was thinking maybe an oral vid complete with a facial (which Milf LOVES) and maybe one of her masturbating until she cums.. what do you think? We have a new top of the line DVD camcorder, but the files are HUGE. I guess I can try to take shorter videttes or somehow learn to compress them to make them more manageable. We can always resort to taking vid with the digital still cm's feature. Do leave comments on my ideas fora facial vid and a clip of milf a she CUMS!!!
If you guys haven't heard, we are doing a late summer trip to Las Vegas this year. We are planning on going mid-September, and going for 4 days. We don't want to waste a lot of time, so if you guyshave any suggestions as to what we should hit, please send us a comment. We are staying at the Flamingo, and planning on taking advantage of their new topless pool during the day, and hiting some nice restaraunts anddoing some gamling @ night. In the past few days Milf34dd has expressed to me she would like to rake advantage of some fun time there and wear some outfits making it possible for her to flash her tits and pussy, and I wil be there to document the experienc through pics. She also is getting interested in a piercing, like maybe one of her pussy lips, or clit hood, which I think is hot. She has previosuly had both her nipples pierced, on tow seperate occasions, and while we think that looks hot, she is concerned about additional piercings building up too much scar tissue. We love body art, and both have tattoos, so who knows, maybe piercing will be something we experiment for a bit.
So thats life @ the Milf compound. Please comment us here. We love tosee what you guys think of our posts. we will post s much as we are able to, but until we get somewhat of a "staff" to help out, time is limited. Maybe that is something we should look into. We could pick two or three big fans to become contributors to the blog, and post on days we just are not able to. We could do briefings on our fun time and theycould write posts,and interject their opinons. What do you think?
Until next time....


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please also post the vids on yuvutu if you could. We love the photo's and would dearly love to see any of Milf34dd's vids.

Gordon & Jen.

julienmacs said...

You are the GREATEST Keep em cuming

julienmacs said...

You are the GREATEST Keep em cuming

TexasGent said...

Hey guys,
Just wanted to stop in and say thanks again for the link. As for thoughts on the vids...I would love to see them, so my vote is to please post them.

Anonymous said...

Great new pics. As for the video you can post the to RAPIDSHARE.com and they can be up to 99 Megs uncut. People whom you give the links to can go and download them and you get rewards for the more times your films are downloaded. Haven't yet registared here. Just starting. Princess is a proper name for her. Maybe 34 DD goddess and anyone who thinks differently is just a short sighted fool.

Tom n Sara t_lords29@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

This is my second atempt to leave a comment. Milf/Princess is fantatic. Very beautiful and an example for young/sexy mothers everwhere. Have you thought of using RAPIDSHARE.com to post your vids? It can acomidate up to 99 meg files. And you control the URL and get rewards the more people view it.

Tom n Sara t_lords29@yahoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess (Milf34dd)and Sandman,
This may not be the best place to solicit you guys but it made sense at the time. I have been following your blog on and off for several months and then was delighted to see you on RC.
I am seriously interested in meeting you guys and posibly doing some playing around (under the restrictions you have already mentioned). If you aren't overwhelmed with offers and would like a horny 43 year old guy who loves to watch, I would like to chat more with you about it.
Thanks and keep up the good work,

Greg & Sheryl said...

It looks like your vacation to Vegas is coming up soon, so we hope you have a good time. We are looking forward to seeing the pics from that trip!

Gamabunta said...

Is that this pic taken in Gatlinburg?

Brian F. said...

Bashing? WTF??? People can be assholes sometimes, but it's not worth changing the name!!! Princess, you are amazing and sexy, one of the hottest, most natural beauties I have had the privilege of seeing naked. Thank you for sharing your most intimate times with us. Keep doing your thing, and never let the bastards get ya down!

-Brian F.