02 July 2007

Summer is heating up

The temps are up and summer is in full swing. That means we're going to start looking for some fun things to do. We're huge fans of nakedness, so hopefully we can get out in the mountains, or up to BoulderReservoir soon, for some fun while being naked. We missed a Meet & Greet that a member of Redclouds through (Props to MarvintheMartian) and wish we could have hit the social event. If you don't belong to Redclouds, look into joining the site. Its cheap and well worth it if you're into amateur pics. Princess has postings there ever so often and that alone is worth the price of membership. There hasn't been a whole lot go on around here, we are just doing our thing. We have been active in the Redclouds Bulletin Board, and hope to have a brand new set of pics done very soon. If you have any suggestions for the outfit you want the set to revolve round, or a scenario you want us to do pics of, then please post that request here. As it stands now, the new pics will start out with Princess wearing a pair of sexy low cut jeans, and a tight t-shirt. Any other suggestions will be considered, so don't hold back, let us hear what you want to see. So until the next posting, which will be Thursday this week, after the 4th of July celebration. We'll see you then.


Reno42 said...

Hi Sandman and Princess... thanks for your latest update, awesome as usual !!, looking forward to your new set of pics.... the start of the scenario sounds great !!, has gotten me hard already !... Princess in low-cut jeans is an awesome thing to fantasize about. She has such great hips and legs , hmmmmm, and a tight T-SHIRT !?!...what more could be said about that !, ahhh those nips !, always inviting ! Would be great to see a rear shot of Princess bending over in her jeans while giving Sandman a bj.... or maybe Sandman on his knees for a change in front of Princess unzipping her jeans to explore her..... :) ... now as for Princess in her tight t-shirt.... a tit fuck pic !??! :)....ahhh the endless possibilities.... well better go finish what I started :), take care, and hope to hear from you soon


Kevin said...

WOW! She has some great tan lines...and curves and well yeah LOL. Hope ya'll are having a great,sexy summer!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blogging again. Glad to see the new pics on NN. Do you have any links to your vids on x tube. I looked, but couldn't find them.

Thanks for all this. You're awesome.

Damien & Michelle said...

the BEST thing about summer is new princess photos

Siobhan Donald said...

Loving the Dresden Dolls-esque socks!!