26 September 2007

Been a long time, but we're still around

So, we thought we'd check in and see if anyone is still keeping up with our blog. Life is hectic here... a little one (who is already almost 6 mos. old) makes things a lot more active. We seem to be constantly having something to do, clean, or look after. We have done a couple new pic sets, and I have to say I think Milf is looking as sexy, probably more so than ever. She exudes coonfidence, sexiness, and is always up for the next erotic adventure. As you can see, today's pics are from our latest set... a B&W set that produced some HOT results. As hard as it may be for you to believe, and even though she looks amazingly hot in the pics, the camera can not capture just exactly how hot Milf actually is. The good thing about these B&W pics is that they captured a cool vibe that is like the old, classic "pin-ups." I love when we can capture that feel to our pics. I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but I don't see the attraction to the SUPER slender, waif girls. They end up to be built like boys, and I don't see the attraction in that. I love women who are built like Milf. She has curves, and to me that is a turn on. I love her big breasts, curvy hips, and beautiful round ass. She epitomizes what defines sexiness in the female form. Hopefully, those of you who visit our site here can get that feel from these pics. Don't get me wrong, we are totally aware that the majority of you "use" Milf's pics as "inspiration" as they are masturbating. We are in no way offended bythat, and both love knowing, and hearing from those of you who do. We do hope that you can see that these B&W pics have more depth than just that. Our next task is trying to come up with a theme for our next set of pics. If any of you want to see something i particular, then pleasepost a comment asking for whatever turns you on. We hope to get some good action pics in the near future, and are currently looking for a person to photograph us as we play, and have sex. Until then, I'll keep taking pics of my wife and posting them here. You can always find more pics of her, and posted more often at the Redclouds Bulletin Boards (www.redclouds.com). Until our next post...... Late Sandman1972