07 November 2007

Thouhgt you would like this story...

So,we have been horrible at posting to the blog. Our lives have become so much busier than I think we even thought they would with the new little one. Thos of you who keep cheking the blog, we'd like to say "thanks" for sticking with us. We will try to do more posting, but honestly, the days of the daily (and sometimes weekly) posts are more than likely over. I guess this will determine who are the hardcore Milf34dd fans out there... LOL.
Milf has went back to the short, sexy, crazy hairstyle that ws present in so many of her earlier pics. She went from that, to longer, brown hair, to dying it vibrant red, and then cutting her bangs and sporting a style reminescent of the old pin-up girl hair dos. She decided a couple of weeks ago to go back to what she likes... the short crazy one, and I think she looks as sexy as ever.
Since it has been a bit since a post, I thought we would relay a encounter we had recently that we both enjoyed a lot. We browse Craigslist from time to time, to see if we can find some adult fun. We are not swingers per se, but we do enjoy some aspects of that lifestyle. We don't full swap, and would never consider that as an option. We're not bagging on those that do, if that's your deal than more pwer to you... its just not for us. With that being said, we do love to be nude with others, mutual masturbation, watching / being watched, and some touching and oral with others. We ran across an ad in which a guy was actually looking for another guy to watch porn with and jack off with. We thought it would be fun to answer the ad, andsee if he was interested in doing that with a couple. He jumped on our reply. We made plans to meet him, and after becoming comfortable we found ourselves at his place. We were both surprised at how cool this guy was, and we both felt he was by far the coolest guy we have met in such a situation ever. After getting to know ech other, he turned on some porn and Milf sat down in a chair and started to get to business. The guy and I sat on his couch and pulled our cocks out as we watched the porn and Milf as she made herself feel good. After a few minutesmilf headed to the couch, and her and i started to make out. Our new friend seemed to enjoy what he was seeing, and the porn on the t.v. became oblivious to us all. As Milf and I kissed, she started to give him access to her huge tits. he absolutely loved the fact she is still lactating, and he and I sucked her milf from each of her tits. Milf LOVES to have both nipples sucked at the same time. As we nursed her boobs, she began to reach down and jack each of us off. It was apparent that we were all goingto have a lot more fun than just masturbating to porn together. He made an offer for all three of us to head to his bed, which Milf and I decided would be way more comfortable.
Once we all got to his room, everyone lost a few more articles of clothing. Milf was bent over, on all fours, as I fucked her from behind and she offered our new friend a blow job. I can't explain it, or the reason why, but I love to see Milf suck another guy. She gives the BEST blow jobs ever, ad I love to see how good she makes the other guys feel. She was scukinghim as I fucked her. She really loves this position when we are with others. We continued to play, and our friend and I took turns fingering Milf until she squirted time aftr time. His bed sheets were completely soaked. For the finale, Milf laid on her back and I got between her legs and fucked her with my cock. Our friend watched as he jacked off. as he got close to climax, Milf asked him to cum on her tits, which ofcourse he was kindenough to oblige. As he stood next to her, Milf and I watched as he squirted a handful of decent sized squirts onto her tits. This sent me over the edge. I pumped hard and fast, nad filled Milf's bald pussy with my load. As we lie there and I triedto catch my breath, our friend shockedmilf and I by asking if he could eat my cum out of her. Milf loves the iea of me eating my own cum out of her, so this was a perfect opportunity for her to enjoy. We said it was fine by us, and our frined spent the next couple minutes cleaning my cum out of her tight pussy. It was an inredible finish to a great time.
Well hoepfully, some of you are still out there, and reading. Please comment this post and let us know what you think. If you guys are still around, we'll be posting more blogs about our fun times.