09 December 2007

The Holidays Are Here!!!!

Well, December is here, and our schedule is getting even busier than usual. We have family funtions, committments, and Xmas for a teenager, and an 8 month old to take care of. What that all adds up to is even a harder time for us to get here at the blog and post.
For those of you who check in for new posts (Naughtyboyx, among others) we want to say "THANX!" Its nice to know Milf34dd has some very loyal fans and we enjoy taking and posting pics for each of you. In fact, we have some Xmas decorating to do tonight, and there will be some very hot pics of Milf speading her Xmas joy, dressed in a hot new "titty shirt" we bought yesterday, as she decorates the tree. Also, we bought some really HOT boy shorts for her to pose in. Her ass will look AMAZING and any ass fans will be pleased to see these pics.
We have done a few new sets of pics, and you will be seeing the results here with new posts we make. If you are a big fan of Milf, you can always find us posting pics @ the Redclouds Bulletin Boards (http://www.redclouds.com/) or we do post @ NewbieNudes when we find time to (http://www.newbienudes.com/). If you hit those sites, you can find under our screen names there (RC = Milf34dd or Sandman1972 and @ NN = springscouple2031). If you are from one of those sites, and here checking us out, please leave comments. We love to read things you guys leave for Milf.
With 2008 just around the corner, I'm thinking of some stuff for the blog. I would liketo come up with some kind of contest (maybe a pic contest) and have the winner receive a custom photo set from Milf34dd. I haven't come up with the theme of the contest yet, and we're not that there are ebough fans still hitting the blog furus to have a good amount of entries. I guess that would make the chances of winning the custom pic set better for you guys, but we would like to make it worth our time.
Also, for 2008 we're looking at moving Milf's pics to a RC site ofher own. The catch to that would be that it would require a membership to see the site. I know that a lot of you would hate to pay for pics, since we've posted free pics for so long, but moving the site to a pay site would afford us the chance to make out site more professinal looking, and offer vids to her fans for thier "use." We would like to see coments from those fans here and hear your opinions. We try to do things for Milf's fans, so let us know what you think. If you would not pay for her site ever, tell us why. Is there certain things you want to see if you do pay, and if so what? Be honest with us... we want to hear it.
We haven't had any new adventures likeyou read in our last post. We are looking though. We try Craigslist from time to time, and place ads. we would love to find a cool 30ish guy to play with from time to time. It seems that is a lot harder to find than you would think. We prefer not to play with married or attached men, and we like people who are down to earth, and we can relate to. maybe we have set our standards too highor something, but it seems like we have a hard time finding what we want. I would love to find a cool guy who is very hung (like around 10") to see Milf play with... stroke, suck, make him cum on her tits. Hopefully that will be in our future. She is an amazingly erotic and sexual woman. I have always loved that about my wife. She is beautiful and loves to make others feel good. She absolutely LOVES to make others cum, and know that her appearance and acts have made them reach that climax. I adore that about her. She loves scenes of gangbangs, and while we probably wouldn't ever go that far, she has been open to the idea of a group of men all cumming on her. Who knows what adventures this new year will bring.
So, I'll wrap it up by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and SAFE New Year. We'll be around, taking pics of my gorgeous wife, her incredibly sexy big tits, and her amazingly hot ass. You guys kep hitting this web address, leaving comments, and leting us know that we're providing a little erotic escape from your everyday world.
Until next time.....


Sparty said...

Still here enjoying your posts. Thanks for the update. I love the photos of Milf in the men's shirt. Pretty hot.

Interesting thought about the pay site. I for one am guilty of following you guys from Wifelovers, to NN, to Red Clouds, so i'd probably continue to do so.

By the way Merry Christmas. Looking forward to to some time off and hopefully a few trips to the MTNs.

Jeff said...

Hey from RC..
Always great to see pictures of your gorgeous wife. One of the most erotic and beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Good luck with the search for a guy, hopefully we'll also see the fruits of your search in pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Would definately pay for access to a site with her pics and videos - especially some preggo/milking vids if you have those :)