02 March 2008

... and life goes on!

So it has been a LONG time since we posted here on the blog. So much has happened. We are currently looking for a new home in the Denver area, and that has turned into much more of an obstacle than we had anticipated. We originally wanted to my moved by Feb 1, but that has come and gone - as has Marcg 1. Now we seem to be @ a loss for finding a place. We've found two places, which have fallen through, and it has started to become frustrating.
On the subject of adult encounters, we have kind fo layed low for a little bit. We have been busy with work, promotions, looking for a new home, a busy 11 month old baby girl, and just life in general. As a product of all of that, photo shoots & finding others to play with has taken a back seat. The good news is we are trying to make some time for that kind of fun once more.
We have been seeking out someone ( a guy) who can be a playmate on a regular basis, as well as a friend. Since our last posting, we took the next big step and went through with a full-on MMF 3some. The mood & chemistry was right, so we took the plunge. It was AMAZINGLY hot to see Milf working her magic and making someone else feel so good, as well as see her enjoy herself. While we decided this isn't something we would do every time we met with another guy to play, it is something we have decided we would like to continue with the right person and circumstances.
What we have found though is that some of the guys who claim to be into couples are very unreliable. This past weekend for instance, we had a "date" with a guy who we thought was a regular play friend here in the Springs. Instead of cancelling at a decent time, we found out he was "still in Denver," and wouldn't be able to meet with us. We totally don't understand this since he confirmed plans the day before, besides talking to us all week about all the fun we would have Saturday night. Who really thinks cancelling an hour and a half before a planned meeting is acceptable? To top it, the only reason we found out he wasn't going to be @ his house to meet us was the fact that we text him... what is up with that? Seriously, would you gamble on a first date (where you know you most likely won't get any play), and fore go a sure deal with Milf? Seriously?
As a side note, Milf is totally embracing her bi-curious side. If you are a totally hot chick, or you know of one, that would be interested in playing with Milf, then please leave a comment with an email address here on the blog, and she will be in contact.
Milf has been through a couple of hairstyles in the recent past. She's back to the short, crazy style she rocked so well last summer. Currently she is brown with some blonde highlights, and just the other day added a HOT purple streak. She is now saying she is going back to all brown and keeping the purple streak... a look she will mostly likely own! Keep an eye out here, and over at the RC BB's for the new do.
Hopefully our absence has not detered anyone from hitting the blog from time to time. We totally love all of Milf's fans and will do our best tomake more frequent posts. Until the next post, keep in mind, positive comments will only make Milf want to post more....

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